Spirtus Contra Spiritum

I’m looking for my mom in the women I meet Hoping they’d show love and Wash these beautiful feet. Sad vines and vibes In the moment of desperation Stab myself and eat my heart Bad monikers infested with teenagers’ guilt. Rhapsody of trips has casted Dreams of partying phantoms Chanting words of relief and bliss […]

Prodigal Family

  Father said: You’re OYO but, Embrace the wild Save your inner child. Based on logistics, Ori is the ultimate power Don’t kill your aura. Listen to your guides, Tap into the ancestral DNA Omoba o gbodo jiya. Lose your way Crash into walls But ranti, ranti pe Suru is the key. I said: Sugbon […]

Nah! He Is Not Mad?

The earnest expectation of the creature waits for the manifestation of the sons of God – Paul I am at this hospital and this is the first transcript of a video recording of an interesting patient who I’d be meeting soon. (He is strapped to his bed,  dressed in purple gown and looking gay, his […]

Love Is An Art

To be a great teacher, you have to be a great student. Don’t be proud to learn, you haven’t gotten to the peak of your enlightenment. Always be ready to learn, just don’t be gullible – Mrs Odeyemi Since the “opening of my mind”, I realized that I could see hate and the dark side […]

Mad Art And Acceptance

What is art? Is it usually stereotyped to the beautiful creation of artists, poets and musicians? What really determines the aesthetic beauty of works of art? These questions haven’t been plaguing my mind but I erupted like a volcano when a friend brought up the topic of syncretism and beauty. I used an illustration to […]

Tap Into It Already

It has been a while since suicidal thoughts came into my mind. The current emotions weigh me down every day.  This isn’t a sad story or one that requires your empathy, the sole reason I’m writing this is because I know that this might help someone out there make it through the chaos of depression and […]

Let The Muse Go

I have been bothered a lot these past days – how do I let her out of my life? Of course, there are so many processes to this, but as an artist, it can be tough to let go of that perfect vision of an image and just accept that the art is ugly. I’d […]