Random Ranting

Maria de Naglowska said: Ah! If you were able to no longer live in yourself and for yourself if it were possible for you to reunite in your consciousness all of the consciousnesses dispersed throughout the world, if your thought could be the thought of all and your feeling the feeling of all, if all […]

Ancient souls

I remember trying to adapt to the new world I had just been born again into this dimension But something was different My mind was still as powerful as it was on Lemuria So I felt this body I was trapped in What a young vessel full of vigor I don’t want to wear it […]

Meagan Good is Good

I recently got involved in a talk with a couple of friends about the way Meagan dresses – by the way my friends are hard core Christians. They kept talking about how it was inappropriate for her to dress or talk about things the way she does as they felt she wasn’t representing the body […]

What Are You Serving Today?

 “You got to know when to leave the table when love is no longer being served”- Nina Simone Lately I have been thinking about this and its application to my life and the world. From the Pan African point of view (Pan African is different from pro black), we seem to be lacking this sense […]

Hanuman! What Do You Want From Me?

There is always an exchange between you and the environment, hence it is important to be mindful of where you find yourself. We’re supposed to be open beings – open in the sense that we feed off of where we are and deposit inner contents to the outside world. I have been seeing a recurring […]

Random Ruminations: I don’t like Apostle Paul.

It is said that the letter kills and the spirit gives life. Before I start any exhortation or talk amongst my friends, I tell them that words are funny because I know that my words are usually misinterpreted. I only hope that the spirit from which I speak the words would give life to them, […]

What is your mantra?

I’ve been reading up on the Yoruba Pantheon. Digging into our collection of Gods and Goddesses. It seems like we agree with the Egyptians that the sky God (Olorun/Ra) gave his powers to the other Gods. I’ll explain this soon. We think he/she is this all powerful person who isn’t all that concerned about the humans. […]