Finding Him in a Mess: Another Retelling.

The story isn’t the same as the one you know. These men journeyed from the east in search of a child. They had seen his star in their homeland. My story will tell you that it wasn’t about the gifts they had. They got something back. We focus on the gifts but they were focused on the child. Will we get there in time to see him, are you sure our calculations were right? What if we don’t get to see him at all?  Those were the questions that plagued their minds. They people who would receive this boy had to see them. They needed to see him.

It was pretty important for the Hindus to have Krishna, the same way it was important for the Egyptians to have Osiris, the same way it was important for the Canaanites to have Baal as their God, the same way it was important for a lot of other people with their pantheon of Gods, talk about Zeus for the Greeks, talking about all the Sky Gods: Horus… Talking about how all of the stories are supposed to be related to this historical figure and how they were supposed to look/talk about his star. The star that would lead to this guy. So it was pretty important that these people had all the gods they worshiped.

These wise men came from the east. They had gathered enough to know about the star. They were the ones who were the outsiders. The others wouldn’t believe that the star was supposed to lead to someone. It was okay for them to just believe in the stars, but they didn’t want to see beyond the stars. They worshiped astrology because it was important for them to. The stars told them a lot of things, but the star didn’t tell them about its path to the person who was going to bring the kingdom. So they worshiped heroes and had stories of Gods who were like this guy, but it wasn’t supposed to lead to him, just his star. And the others had to make them understand that it was actually supposed to come true. Especially for that boy.

When these other people understood it, they understood why it was important that they saw this boy. This boy was supposed to keep hope alive. He was supposed to be the one to make them less crazy.  So they saw the truth in the star. The star was going to bring … So also you, and we’re going to have to follow its path, because its going to lead us to something our ancestors have always believed in. Something widespread in the east. So they pressed on, calculated a lot of stuff, journeyed through a lot of deserts and storms and rivers and marshes, the just kept going because they knew they had to follow the path the star gave unto them. Wherever the star goes, we’re going. So it was pretty important for them to follow the star.We look more on the gifts they brought. We focus more on the gifts they brought. We don’t focus on why they had to come. We don’t focus on why it was important for them to search for that boy, and not look at the skies, but look beyond it. You know we look at the skies, some people look at the stars and they’re lost, but we look behind, we look above the stars, what’s there and why.  So they searched for this boy.

When they got to Judea, they weren’t sure. I mean, think about it, they came at a time where randomly out of nowhere, there’s post to be a census, and a lot of people were coming home, now that’s tighter security for Judea, that means that it would be pretty tough to get into Judea, what were they going to do, the star wasn’t going to move past there, at least according to their current calculations. So what were they supposed to do? Tighter security would demand that they had to go through the right procedures. Normally they could have just walked into Judea, at least, a long time ago that’s what their ancestors told them. It wasn’t all the time that they had to travel round the world but when they get to Judea, its always easy to enter in. These people are hospitable. But it looks like the census and the Roman Empire doing a lot of things at that time. They were messing up and making things strict for the Jews. They knew had to go through the proper channels.

We have to go meet the king. How could a lot of wise men, we were close to like 50, how could 50 of us be walking around town, its going to raise a lot of suspicion. So they were careful, covered their faces and walked towards the gate. Among the throes of people that were coming in, how were they going to find him in all of these people. So they knew they had to go meet the king. The king would probably know. I mean don’t they have wise men that have studied the stars and knew that He is supposed to be born here. So its good that we go meet the king, isn’t it? That was the suggestion one of them raised. So they went gently, met with the soldiers/guards at the gate and what did they do?  They took them directly to the King.

The king gathered his people and was like “okay, tell me about this thing.” And what happened? Some of these weird Hebrew guys stand up and they’re like “its been written in our books that there’s supposed to be someone born here”. And the wise men just shout “Yeah! We’ve been following his star. We’re here to see him.” And the king looks at them and he’s like “hmm! It looks like the boy is going to be to one to bring the Kingdom. I’m going to kill him.” That was what Lucifer thought in his head. So the wise men eventually said “Hey it looks like we’re at the right place, King we’re going. Thank you for your help.” And they started to leave. But the King got an opportunity, so he called them back and said “you know, I want you to tell me when you meet him. I want to meet him. I’ve got gifts for him” But one of the wise men thought to himself, “Look at this King, he’s been king over this people for a long time, but he doesn’t know that this child was supposed to be born here and now because we show up, he wants to bring gifts? Nah! I think he’s up to something.“ And he shared his thoughts with his friends.

The paranoia was already with them, they knew that something was wrong. If this King didn’t know that a king was to be born in his kingdom, this recent information could lead to jealousy. They knew that they had to be protective of something. So that paranoia was with them. Moreover this king didn’t know that a boy was to be born until they showed up. They were the ones who knew. They were the ones who had to journey. They had to be the ones to see him first. They had to protect him.And so while the star was settled over Judea, the wise men had to go back to astrology. And recalculated the next possible path of the star. And they followed it. But it led them to this messed up place. “How could a king be born in here?” One of them thought to himself, “If a king is indeed born in here, he’s going to be great”. “In this mess”.  It wasn’t a good pretty place to be, they had standards, but disregarded them and went in. “Someone was going to be born in here”. 

Do you know something about the weird part of this story? We’re also going to talk about how Joseph and Mariam had a difficult time finding somewhere to stay. The whole tribe of Judah was coming home. Rumors had been flying around. ”Do you know Joseph? Yeah! The one Mariam is espoused to. Do you know that she’s pregnant? The story is that he didn’t even touch her, they weren’t even married“. Rumors had been spreading around. They couldn’t get anywhere. Not only cause there was no space in the city. Think about this for a minute, you come back to your home state, wouldn’t you be able to find somewhere to stay? There’s always going to be somewhere to stay. They [Joseph and Mariam] were stranded not only because they had no place to stay, the rumor had gone around about them, and the only place they could get into was owned by someone who didn’t give a fuck about them.The owner of the barn was like “Aw! You guys can stay here. You know it’s none of my business that she’s going to have a child that isn’t yours. I don’t know you can believe the story that she’s still a virgin when she’s carrying a baby, I don’t care tho, you can stay in my barn. I know a lot of folks don’t want to let you in, but you’re welcome here. You can stay here with me and my animals.”

To the wise men, they had to travel from the east to find the boy. The boy that would be King. It was important that they found that boy. So they read up, their ancestors had books, they read about a lot of stuffs. They read mathematics and history, and science and mythology and astronomy and law and philosophy. They knew all of these things, but still had to search for the boy. They had to look through all the myths and doctrines and philosophies, till they got to something concrete. There was someone bringing something else, something they desired, something that had been promised to them a long time ago. Their ancestors had told them about it. There was a consistent retelling, different stories but the same story lines. The stories all had the same central theme. So yes it was important to them to find the boy. And they found him in a mess. It wasn’t a good place to be.

So a lot of surprises are going to come to a lot of folks [Christians], to a lot of people who don’t believe in the son that was born that day. He wasn’t born on this day or this time of the year, we know that. It would only take a couple of google searches for you to find that out when this boy was born, but we know that he wasn’t born during this time of the year. The question shouldn’t be when was he born? The right question should be “was he born?” And that was what the wise men went to confirm. They had to see the birth of the boy so that it would confirm the mythologies, and philosophies and pantheon of other gods stories that they knew. Peace was coming. At the depth of all knowledge and this search for understanding it was peace that’s important. To them, they wanted something, something that was lost, and they knew this boy was bringing it, why? Because his star was consistent in all of its retelling. They went in search of the boy to confirm the retelling.

When they found him, what could they give this boy, they could have given him some books, instead they gave him gold, frankincense and myrrh. A king does need gold, frankincense and myrrh. He was going to get the connection between the gifts when he grew up. Because to them, it meant that he was both king and priest. What they saw in this boy was good balance. A balance between Kingdom and Priesthood. Consistently in all of our stories, the kingdom was separate from the priesthood.  A whole bunch of them gave gold. A whole bunch of them gave frankincense, a whole bunch of them gave myrrh. Symbolism was important to them.

They spent some time looking at the boy and talking to his parents, it was crucial for them to know how important their son was. They knew they could achieve this through his parents. Encouragement came from the wise men, this boy was special, he had to know things about himself. Think about this for a minute, all of a sudden, these bunch of unknown men come to you in this messed up place, and they want to see your baby, Mariam was like “Who told them about my baby? The same baby that Joseph doesn’t want to agree that I didn’t commit fornication. I mean the rumors have been out, now this bunch of men are here to see him. There must be something special about him. That it would take all this men to travel so far to come meet him, I’m going to tell him about this.” Joseph was like ”What’s up? These men are here, I don’t know them, Mariam says she doesn’t know them either, and they’re here to see her child. But why did he have to be born in here? I mean, this men have the aura of prestige and honor all over them. Why was he born in here? And they’ve presented him with these gifts. He is special.”

This story isn’t about the gifts, its about the wise men, the boy and how the star led them to that boy, and how similar our mythologies and saviors and messiah’s have been, it’s a consistent trend and they all lead to the star that our ancestors saw, the star that promised something deep.  These wise men should be a symbol for us, we have to look through all of the books, the scriptures, history to find the truth. To find the true son. Not a lot of us are doing that today, we’re not looking for the son. We’re content with the mythologies and stories and doctrines. Its okay for us to look at the stars and not look down and watch, search for him. This season should remind us that out of the buzz and melodrama and pretense that December brings, a lot of people are coming home, people are going to be nice to you, and deal with your bullshit, but look beyond that. Let’s see what we’re really worshiping, who we’re really celebrating. Let the star lead you home.

We have to look deep into all of the stories and religious systems and history, and find the true son, who was both a King and a Priest and I assure you, you’re going to find him in a mess, somewhere you don’t expect.


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