My Sexual Orientation: Single and Chaste.

I see a lot of people wasting their sexual energy. They don’t know of its power. So they waste it. Sometimes I think its okay to stay chaste for a long time. The energy you build up is powerful. Eventually I think we have to let this energy out. Use it for something productive. The problem is not in using or redirecting it. The problem is trying to find the right partner. The right object to accept the offering. I know people talk about finding the soul sex partner, but it has to start with a mind fuck. Two minds have to connect. The explosion is what transcends the physical. So when they actually share the gift of sex, they don’t destroy their selves. They should actually channel it to something useful. Sweat it out.

So my chaste sisters and brothers of Islam, Christianity, and all free religion, I’d like to congratulate you on keeping that energy and not wasting it with useless vessels. The mind connection is powerful. It is meant to be. But should we connect the body too? Yes, we know that we have to but we have to pour it out into unique vessels. The meeting point of our energies at the sacral chakra can be reactive and explosive. If both partners don’t benefit from this magick, then it’s a waste of energy. If I’m not ready to expel this energy, what can I use it for? I could build it up and use it for healing. The channeling of an empath’s energy is majorly for healing. Of course we get to see underneath people’s emotions and we get premonitions and visions, but the major gift is the gift of healing. And our sexual energy can be used to spark this healing gift. So, as a healer wanting the extra icing on the cake, that would require that we abstain from sexual relations with the wrong people.

For other categories of people, it would be pretty important to figure out your gifts and channel the sexual energy into that gift. Most pious people dedicate this energy to God. It’s one of the most significant things done in man’s history, sexual chastity on behalf of a deity. We know most occult groups practice sexual magick. They dedicate the collected aura to their principal deity. This case is not so different from those people who do the same thing for later use. The Christians encourage sexual purity as reverence for God. Islam recognizes the place of purity in sexual relations in worship of Allah.

For most people, sex is a beautiful thing. To others plagued by a not so beautiful experience of it, the power haunts them. They don’t want to use/connect to that power anymore because of the damaging effect it had on them when they weren’t ready for it. To those viewing sex as beautiful but not tapping into the power of it, you all fall in the same boat with those that view it as ugly. It’s not our experience or view on sex that matters. It’s our use of the energy that it releases.

So I support chastity especially among young people especially those that have a calling to be a healer. It’s bad channeling when our powers are wasted on the wrong YONI or PHALLUS/PILLAR. As a sister, you’ve to be mind-fucked before you allow him into your heaven. Let the male strum the right chords in your third eye before you let him access your root energy. The same goes to the male, it’s important that she blows your mind before you erect a tower reaching into her heavens. When the mind connects, the energy wraps the both of you in a protective cover and the healing process begins in the both of you. It is supposed to be a symbiotic thing. But this isn’t usually the case. In most cases, its one partner that uses the energy. This is usually what happened with those with bad experiences (especially during the first time they got involved in this act). The sexual molester feeds off this energy. In such wrong union, the energies backfires at both partners, but it usually affects the better vessel more. Its like a split into 70/30, where the bad vessel gets affected less. So instead of a protective coat, the energies destroys. That’s why free religion endorses the cleaning of oneself after releasing this energy in a wrong way. One thing cleansing does again is to remove the person’s signature off your frequency. Sexual unions bring about imprinting on one another’s frequency. You could pick up a wrong frequency when you copulate with the wrong vessel. One messed up thing about this is that it is usually a dangerous thing if you’re resonating on another’s frequency. Some frequencies attract bad luck and slow progress. Cleansing is important to those who expel their energies wrongly. Meet your spiritual leader for advice on this. Most religious groups have a form of cleansing/ purification ritual that’s special to them so it shouldn’t be a problem. One funny thing though, the truth is we cannot know about sexual cleansing if we don’t look into the free religions. “The way of the ancestors.” We’ve gotta work hand in hand, no matter our beliefs. The greater call is to spirituality. We’re spirit beings.

Some people actually go into this act prepared. They know they’re reaching into a powerful part of their selves (a part that creates or destroys). And they take spiritual precautions before expelling the energy. They are cautious about the vessel that will have to share their energy. So they’re selective. Not everybody deserves to go to your heaven. We are all trying to get there, through many ways. We all love pillars [Phallus] too. We’ve been building them since the beginning of man. So I get the need for sex. It is ingrained in our makeup. The symbolisms have been there since we were born. But what I’ve learned as I grew older was that there’s power in this act. We’ve got to be selective and guard the powers. If we’ve gotta expel the energy or let it leak, like what popular culture (movies, music, arts) now permits, we gotta do it the right way. Why did I come to this conclusion? It is because I’ve seen a lot of people go down the wrong path of life (life path) because they got used to the wrong frequencies from the wrong vessels. Maybe if they had stayed in their heads, connecting first through their third eyes, maybe they would have not gone physical. Their minds would have repelled each other. Or attracted each other. So they made wrong choices in picking each other for the sacred act. Since they’ve messed up their frequencies, they limit each other. They’re stuck together and they don’t know why. Maybe I don’t blame them. I know how hard it is to tame this energy, and keep it docile. Some people are just ignorant of the power that gets wasted when they matched up with wrong vessel(s). That power can destroy them.

So I applied the knowledge of the ancestors and came to this conclusion: “It is okay to be on the safe side of the fence. When you have to go out, you must have been prepared for battle”. So there I learnt that I didn’t have to go out all the time. But when I go out, it’s because I had found the right vessel carrying my frequency. Truth is this can take a while. We meet a lot of vessels every day. The common excuse is that we get carried away with the package and forget about the mind frequency. So when we leap into battle we waste the energy chaotically. I’d rather not do that. I’ll stay behind my wall for some time, and build up artilleries. When it’s time to go out, I know I’ll come back with a child. An idea, a strong motivation, something positive, an art, or an innovation. The frequency is important. Most people don’t come back with anything. They’re stuck together for no reason. Where’s the transformed energy that was exchanged? It was wasted, and this connected them to the wrong frequencies/life path.

As crazy as we want to call our history, we know we have a lot of ideas about sex. Down to blaming it on the woman. We have called it the forbidden fruit. And blah blah blah. What I have learnt from this history is this:”There have always been a group of conservative fellows who don’t always go out. They are the ones that the serpents cannot bite (scriptures). They stay inside the fence. When they go outside the fence, their innovations are creating ripple effects all over. Their seeds would multiply in folds. Good bonding.” So chastity is a great thing in this modern age. We don’t want to encourage it though. We fighting against this knowledge. So I say: “If those girls want to wear their Hijab, ABEGI LET THEM WEAR IT. IF they want to wear their nun scarves, PLEASE LET THEM WEAR IT.” We are trying to advertise the same thing. Purity. That could mean that we’re going outside of the norm. But I think that how we’re going to survive this deadly purge of sexuality that popular culture is encouraging.

Some of what I’m saying might sound occultic, but I guess it’s supposed to be. These are the hidden things or metaphysics of the world around us. Knowledge is power (including sexual knowledge).


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