I AM: That’s all I have to be.

“I am”. That was what I first spoke in my mind. Outta the chaos that existed before I came, I called myself to be. I called order out of me… And then I created you to be “I am” like myself. You are “I am” too. You have to learn to create order from chaos through the power of your mind. The greatest gift I gave you was your mind. You have to understand it’s power. It can create and destroy. Your thoughts are the beginning of creative and destructive processes. 

(Stray) thoughts are like birds that fly in your mind. If you want them to perch on your tree, you catch them, if not, you’ve gotta let those birds fly. You have the power to determine which bird comes. Some birds are peculiar to specific trees, hence some thoughts are peculiar to your makeup. So the first step is to determine what kinda tree you are. You’ve gotta know your makeup.

Some people have a lot of birds perched on their tree. They attract a lot of birds. These birds can help you build a strong root[foundation] or can wreck the strong root (foundation) you’ve got going on. For these people, they’ve gotta apply self tempering to attract birds that’ll help pollinate your seeds. Cause some birds are there only for the shade you can provide. These birds are heavy weights. They’ll occupy the space that other better birds should occupy. They could have been a part of our makeup for a long time that it might take a little (or more) shaking to get them to fly away, although that’s painful, its a good process.

Other people have to work extra to attract birds. They find it easy to let go of birds. In this case, they should pay more attention to the right birds. At different moments in the season, some birds are required, so these people should learn to choose when to let birds go or come.

Ultimately not matter how different your makeup/tree is, we’re similar cause we can tap into the power of thoughts. Our thoughts can create possibilities without our conscious minds grasping the consequences. The enlightened man know how to manipulate these thoughts. That’s our greatest power. Thoughts are words spoken in our minds. Most creation stories agree that word(s) created the world. So the goal of thought control is basically for creation. And like the Hebrew creation story shows creation is a good thing (a lot of other cultures say the same thing). Any thought that causes destruction shouldn’t be allowed in the “mind field”. So do you want to be I AM? Change the birds that perch on your tree. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS.

Thus: Thoughts ==> Words ==> Actions ==> Habits ==> You. 
Please check out the I AM CAMPAIGN.

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