To The Man Who Would Be King.

“Our men are born as warriors, and our women as leaders” – Your ancestors

Before anybody saw our women, they had to go through us. We were fighting for them. I told a friend about this. And he replied “our men were born as kings, and our women as leaders”. In correcting him, I told him that the bravest warrior was usually chosen to lead. He’s the one who would be king. But he didn’t forget that he was fighting for his women. To shield her. Not expose her.

Show me the condition of your women and I’ll show you the condition of your “race”. Are our mothers happy? Are our women happy. The Yoni is sacred. Didn’t we all pass through her? Respect the Yoni. She creates, and we follow her lead. It seems the warriors have forgotten what they’re fighting for.  They’re more than our mothers or our wives/sisters/bitches/hoes or…

They’re our leaders. No woman no cry? I say no woman, more cry lol. Art by Georgia O’Keeffe

#woman #theblackwoman #heritage #khemet#ngr #sacredwomb #alkebulan #leaders 


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