Justice is something we all think we know. We battle with this world’s unjust system but forget about our inner self. No matter how good we get with helping other people figure out their life in this world that seems to bash them down, if we don’t apply the same help to ourselves, we might actually become cold.  Scripture says that we should know justice. It is not learnt. It is known. It is inborn to everybody. Just like a mother knows her child and feeds him/her without asking any question, she doesn’t have to learn it. It’s just something that a part of her. Now, the problem I see is the application of this love to others while our inner justice system is wrecked.

Why did I say it was wrecked? Something happened to us along the way, even the most pious individual struggles with his wreckage all the time. It is evident that the definition of good and bad would vary among us. We know the big picture but care less about the smaller detail. To stay informed in this current world is a big thing. The consistent news on the air is the unjust application of man’s inner justice system to the outside world; the very foundation of the wars and strife most countries do not desire.

If we pay more attention to what the outward system shows us, I dare say that more chaos would be wrecked on us all.  We’ve attempted to change the constitution that was founded in ignorance and blind trust in humans. The constitution that favors the elite over the masses. The same constitution that’s supposed to fight for us but is now an instrument to preserve a select few.  The same constitution that promises man absolute power. The same constitution that so many people have tried to change or make aware to us all that it doesn’t favor us but have gotten killed over. The constitution of this world is very misplaced. All constitutions have been, right from the time we started applying ourselves to know the difference between right and wrong.

I ask us to take a minute and consider the truth that’s inside of us. We all care about family or a loved one and most of us would do anything to protect them. The anger and energy that fills us when they get hurt by someone else is blinding. We want that person to feel the same pain that we have felt. At least in some sense this is a noble kind of justice. But in the overall sense of things, It is damaging to one’s inner self. The energy of a charging bull is powerful to make some changes. A whole herd of angry bulls can cause chaos. This is the case with some of my brothers (the three sons of Noah). We don’t trust the system. I don’t either. We consider the mass incarceration of our people, the continuous denial of our heritage as KINGS and PRIESTS by the very same system that should offer us power and protection. We are angry. The awakening process that the ancestors promised has begun. We’re charging up against the system. But only a few of us have realized that our anger has been misdirected. We’ve been fighting the wrong enemy.

That’s why our anger has built up to this point. But like a wild bull on rampage, we can sometimes apply justice wrongly. I ask us to create chaos. But only when it is needed. Chaos and order work hand in hand. What would be the aftermath of creating chaos at this point in time? Would the world be a better place for our seed? Would we be able to provide the same hope our fathers fought for or maybe we’d be able to provide something better.

Who is the battle against? Is it against the makers of the system? To some extent it is. I want to acknowledge the advocates of peace all over the world. From the beginning of civilization, we have seen men rise up to take up this call.  From Akhenaten IV to Martin Luther King Jr to Mahatma Gandhi to… They recognized a different system that was the real enemy. In their own conclusion, this system controlled the constitutions of the world. And they were up against it. Did they attack the ignorant lawmakers or the selfish business tycoon who fuels war and strife? Yes they did, but they had to come to the above conclusion that those weren’t the real enemy. The real enemy was in the spiritual realm. That was why they advocated for the elevation of the base man to a more powerful one. One in control of his polarity.  A man who would has the wisdom to apply his godhead to his brothers. The godhead’s greatest power is found in love. Like the ancients have told us in these words: “The greatest magic(k) of all is love.” And love sees no classification or class. It doesn’t favor one over the other.

To the bruised man, love can be hard to extend to his enemy. The bruised man isn’t limited to the seed of injustice rendered on people of color, it also applies to the man who is scared of our becoming. The bruised man is that man who has recognized the “supremacy” of his brother and gets hurt by this knowledge, even to the making of plans to kill him and his seed (The story of Abel and Cain comes to mind here). The bruised man is the man who recognizes his own insecurities and makes no activity in changing that bad attitude.  The bruised man is the one who like the Priest/Levite in the parable of the Good Samaritan that doesn’t help his brother. He is the one who walks away from the injustice in the system because he wasn’t the causative agent, as far as he doesn’t get affected by it. The bruised man is the selfish warlord that thinks only about his people, he’s the one who doesn’t see the collectivism of all flesh. At the end of it all, the bruised man is his own enemy. He’ll kill the world/people around him and spend his entire life hating his own soul. Today, I tell us that the enemy is within. We fight not flesh and blood, but (our) the imaginations and thoughts and principles that elevate us above our brothers.

To my Hebrew/Shemites and Hamitic and Japhitic brothers all over the world, I acknowledge the presence of the melanin inside of you, the very pigment that powers up the cosmic, (the same chemical structure that was attributed to wise and powerful people in the days past.)  May the cords that bound us in love never be forgotten.

I want to acknowledge the role of our (puppet) leaders in this grand game of injustice and partiality. They’re the pawns on the master’s board. I acknowledge our ancestors and the knowledge that they’ve passed to us. In all of their conquest and battles, we’ve learnt that there is no substitute for peace. In their wisdom, we are humbled and elevated.

In conclusion, what are the times asking of us? They are calling us to stay true to love. The days ahead are scary. Alliances would be formed and some would be broken. The cataclysm would affect us all. But in the graciousness of the universe, there is going to be a preserved few. They are the ones who have fought with their lame self and won. They’re the conscious remnant. And there’s no consciousness without love.


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