Love and Rage. 

I’m starting to accept my rage as a part of myself. As long as it exists there’s also gonna be love!peace. Cause opposites attract and neutralise. That’s what keeps the balance. 

Why is rage as important as love? What is pure rage? Why is it a necessity? Why do they both destroy and create?  

Rage is dangerous and so is love. The purest form of the two is beautiful and causes life to all (owner and surrounding). They don’t die. They’re always dependent on each other. As blind as rage is, it needs love for guidance and there’s no love without rage.
I accept the balance. I accept the flow of energy between them. Most of us (light workers) don’t. We struggle between choosing between the two. And I’ll personally admit it, the struggle is real. The answer is simple. There’s no rage without love. Cause the power of love lies in our rage. And the creative/addictive power of rage lies in love. Finding the balance helps all. It contributes to the “times”. To the universe. To humans and nature. To relationships. 

Let blindness be light through the balance. Let there be a mutuality. Master your addictive and subtractive magic. Temper your powers. Cause there are no sides in this matter. No absolutes. Only balance. Only love.


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