Another love post

What happens when the law fails? What happens when those things you’ve been holding on to collapses in front of you? What happens when you lose sight of what’s important?

The answer lies within. These questions all point to the same thing: the struggle within. What is my answer to this struggle? My answer is this: fight for redemption. Fight back with love. We’ve got a messed up world where everybody is damaged. But love conquers all. Heals all. The greatest gift given to mankind has always been love. And love involves sacrifice. It involves killing. Love brings death. Many people focus on the death involved in sacrifice, but we forget the life that comes with it. One has to die so many can be saved. Like Yahshua, like Luther King, like Athenathen, like you, like me if we willing to. I choose love cause that’s my heart’s core. That’s everyone’s heart core. The choice to tap into it is ours.

Do we blame Yah(he is called many names in different cultures/belief systems) for giving us the choice? Choice between love and hate? Between justice and injustice? Between growing  and dying? Between raising up and falling down? Truth is he has made us co- creators. He’s relinquished his powers to us. Letting go of your powers doesn’t make you weak.  Just like He’s become so powerful by giving us the power of choice.

So you can choose to love or hate. To kill or sacrifice (there’s a difference), to become Elohim or stay human, to become consciousness or vibrate at the same frequency, at the end of the day, the power is yours. So I chose sacrifice, I choose love and death and peace cause I am Elohim. I am what I choose to become and I hate mediocrity. I’ll always go for/with deep things. I’ll always connect to the love consciousness even though it involves a lot of death/killing. I am Eyah Asher EhYah. 


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