What we are for?

The question of our existence would forever plague our minds. For some, it is okay that we have a normal life, get a job/career, find the “Mr./Mrs. Right”, make babies, and the circle starts again. For some of us, we take a different approach to this life. We live for the adventure of each day, turning the odds into evens. Making mountains into valleys, and transcending what the majority would call normal. This life is full of excitement for us. We see the humor in issues ranging from devout religious practices to politics to domestic life to international relations. While this way of looking at life is exciting, we still fall into a common ground with those that live a normal life. We all question why we were born.

It is said that the best of us didn’t know what they wanted to do at a young age. The popular truth is that we would discover ourselves as we grow older, which is true only to some extent.  The transcendence to perfection isn’t always instant because the journey is always in the now. Seeing into the future can sometimes rid us of the joy of the now. The trends are changing. The answers to the future have always been grounded in the past and the present. Why do you live for tomorrow? Well, you shouldn’t. In some general sense of things, the future can always be changed. There are forks that connect to the future and instead of worrying about what you’ll do when the river flows into that aspect of time, why don’t you use your present and your past to weigh where the fork would lead to. And even this can be a tricky thing to do.

I always say that time is a river. Like a serpent that bites its tail. The continual flow of the river can only be stopped by those that don’t exist in the construct. We are all spirit beings. Infinite beings bound to a finite body. It is absolutely normal for us to feel crushed by that limitation. The body feels like a prison that holds us captives to the construct, but there’s a reason for this. The test is to see whether the all powerful you can help others get to where you are or to realize their potential as spirits or gods. And there are numerous ways to achieve this. I’m not one of those people that’ll tell you that you can’t be like your ascended Masters or God. The innate power is locked within and the key lies in the knowledge of self. Only you can tap into that part of yourself.

The popular saying in the Christian church is that we aren’t gods. We consider it blasphemy when anyone contradicts this false truth. I’m here to say that you are him and he is you. This was the truth that Yahshua was trying to tell us was that the fall of man(an allegory of the highest order) had been changed. We now get to be Gods, to live eternally, which was something that we didn’t have before. (He didn’t want to start a religion or a system, he based everything he spoke about on the old books of the law, no contradictions as some would argue about, he only taught from an enlightened point of view, which seems to be lacking these days).

The popular truth amongst my Islamic brothers is that Yahshua wasn’t a Son of God. God didn’t have a wife. I’ll say that of course he wasn’t, that’s cause you continue to look at the genealogy, thus this fact would blind you to what the prophet was trying to tell you. He (Muhammed PBUH) kept talking how there was only God and how you can connect back to him. Which was the basis of Yahshua’ s message: “Only one God and there was a way to connect back to him.” The only difference between the two messengers was that one saw that he wasn’t different from God, and claimed Sonship with the deity while the other didn’t. The old practices can still be observed, ain’t anything wrong in that. The flaw is in not accepting that you are minute versions of Allah. And he wouldn’t kill you if you don’t observe these customs, after all he gave them to the Israelites and by the same genealogy that you use to prove Yahshua’s human affiliation, you aren’t them. So stop fighting over the things that don’t belong to you.

I also understand those that resort to the worship of other Gods (made up ancestors and/or forces of nature). Either these gods exist or not isn’t the question that one should dwell on. Of course, this stuff works only because you believe it would. Even if you didn’t it would still work because there are assigned spirits that control events and seasons and phenomena. I know why these beliefs are widespread; I understand the fallacy of it. We don’t want to disturb the Almighty Creator so we commune with his creation. This is quite understandable and might be right in some way. But the excuse doesn’t hold water, because in some way, unknown to us, we can reach the power behind universe with or without these activities. Not a lot of people know this. And the conditioning is strong amongst some of us that we blindly stick to what we’ve been taught. The times are calling for us is to transcend from the worship of the created thing to the worship of the creator.

I claim Sonship with the deity but like the new age propaganda (please this shit isn’t new at all. It had existed ages ago and has now been upgraded to what we see today) that is spreading in the West I wouldn’t want to get ahead of myself into thinking that my body doesn’t limit me in some way. I can master my thoughts and breathing and meditate and shit but that shouldn’t make me think that I have transcended this body. The mistake we make is this, we think that all of those practices make us powerful and yes it really does, because in this we’re learning to control our auras and psychic abilities but these acts don’t make us all powerful. Yes, we transcend to a higher dimension and this makes us seem better than the rest of the population but we are still here stuck with people who don’t seem to get it. People who think there’s a devil, and use this to taunt the minds of the populace. Is there a devil? Maybe there is. But he exists inside of us all. He is the lower self prone to bad vices and destructive capabilities. The same way there’s a God inside of us. They bring their own kingdoms along with them and we do need help in defeating the enemy. There’s a war between the kingdom of heaven and that of hell, we struggle between these kingdoms all the time.  Does the internal struggle exist outside our bodies? Oh! Yes it does. We do have the outward manifestations of these kingdoms expressed in our acts and daily devotion to mankind/world (destruction or building up). It does suck that there are various ways to tame ourselves but we keep fighting the next person for having a different opinion.

I will speak from the scriptures including the books not included in the compiled summary that we devout “brainwashed” humans hold as sacred. Oh! Being brainwashed might not actually be a bad thing; it solely depends on whether your mind can transcend your level of conditioning to a higher one. My approach might seem like I’m anti religion or against the structures that have existed for hundreds of years but the truth I see when I look at this matter is this: “We are spirit beings. We have that connection to the divine and we’re here to help each other irrespective of how we perceive the world”. We need to step out into the light and teach ourselves that it doesn’t matter what we believe, as long as you can love God(the external consciousness that designed all we see and gave us the control of it all) and love god(your neighbor). So the question of why we exist becomes quite simple: “we exist for God (the divine creator) and God (your neighbor)”.  Remember that the guidelines or approach to life aren’t written in stones or wood(paper), they’ve been written in our spirits and we can all exist in our own conviction of utopia if we hold on to the truths taught by the ascended Masters/Angels. The message is love. And that’s what transcends time. It transcends our limitations.


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