Who are you really?

A place is only as good as the people you meet there. 

I remember my mama telling me her thoughts about my character. She couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t see the bad in people. It baffled her. Why couldn’t I see people as they really are, conniving muthafuckas. But there I was, I couldn’t recognize anyone/anything as an enemy. And even though she recognized it as a strength, she told me that it was going to kill my heart someday. Right now, I’m still at that point. I can’t hate anyone or see the wrongs they do (this doesn’t stop at people, goes all the way to Gods and spirits). Even if it puts my heart on the line. I’ll give my heart to be stabbed over and over and over again. I can’t stop doing this. 

You meet good people and bad people everyday. It sucks that we hurt ourselves over puny things. And require a saviour of some sort to graciously offer his heart for the majority(that don’t care about him/her). Do you really have to be taught about love? Do you really have to be taught to love? Why can’t we just live in the love consciousness.

Is the earth a good place? Yes it is. And no it isn’t. And as long as there are bad people on her, she’ll be ruined. Let those that think they’re good rise up and fight for her. Let them do this with love. With peace. We are all called to be peaceful warriors. It doesn’t matter if we have a lot of differences. Fuck! Aren’t our differences supposed to make us unique?

A place is only as good as the people you meet there, that’s why everyone wants to go to heaven. But I’ll tell you one truth, there’s no heaven if you don’t make it right here on earth. If you’d rather wait till you get there( to whatever fictional place your religion teaches), well, that’s your cup of tea (and it better be green lol) but I’ll root for the people who are trying to make her a better place. Whichever way you think you’re making her better, as long as nobody has to die (bodily death, we’ll all die anyway, “abegi” don’t speed it up for me), as long as you don’t hate your brother or your enemy, as long as you unite our differences and spur us to a greater fellowship,  I’m cool with you. Ma’at is cool with you. The Gods are cool with you.

At the end of the day, I guess nature is the only good place to be. Let us become her again.


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