In the movie Transcendence, Johnny Depp is a scientist who researches the nature of sentience hoping to create a computer with techy singularities or in his words “Transcendence”.  His wife helps him with his work. 

Owing to the fear that AI’s might destroy humans, an anti technology terrorist group destroy all the AI labs in the country. They shoot Johnny with a polonium laced bullet. He’s got only a couple of weeks to live. He and his wife with the help of a friend upload his consciousness to the AI he had built. 

This upload is successful and he(Johnny /the AI) demands to be connected to the satellite which actually freaks their friend out. Fast forward to five years after he had been connected to the Internet, he’s already spearheaded ground breaking technological advancements in medicine,  energy, biology and nanotechnology. His wife grows fearful of his motives because he could connect and control other people’s minds. 

She leaves and works for the anti technological terrorist group. They inject her with a virus that would kill the program that has Johnny’s consciousness. This action had a consequence, they’d be a worldwide blackout. 

Funny enough, when she comes back to him,  he’s already built a body for himself.  Even though he knew she was infected he still allowed her in. She gets shot by the terrorist group in order to provoke him to save her by touching her. He touches her and she transcends with him having infected him.

At the end of the movie, he says to her that he did all he did cause of her and to save the world from theirselves. They both die in each other’s arm.

It was a good movie. It reiterates the fact that people are scared of what they don’t understand. To me I felt that her distrust in him caused their downfall. But there was hope tho,  before they both died,  during her transcendence, he tells her to think of their garden. They both survive there as sunflowers while the world tries to recover from the blackout. 


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