Come dine with us. 

To the Christians, every other religious person is a sinner/pagan. To the Muslims, if you don’t worship Allah, you’re a pagan. The Jews say that without worshiping Yahweh you’re damned…. Funny enough, it seems like we are all pagans depending on who is speaking. Lol, it is safe to assume that all my friends (including myself) are pagans.

Every religion has its own God or Gods and calls non practitioner of their belief system as evil and devilish. But I’ve come to invite you all to a banquet. A banquet of love.  A banquet that doesn’t care about how you want to serve your patron deity. A banquet that respects your belief system.

I stand on the mountain of love and proclaim that your devotion to different deities is something that makes us all unique. It makes us brothers/kindred spirit. How can two walk together?  Except they agree. So If you don’t agree that the “so called pagan” that practices voodoo or the kabbalah is your brother, you can always leave and watch the banquet on your TV sets. We are all pagans to someone else and our denial of this has brought denial of self.  If a man loses himself and gains the world, what profit has he?
Where do we all agree, we all agree that we can be better.  We can be Gods. We can be holy.  We can be Masters of our life paths. We can live a life pleasing to whatever God you serve. Here’s where it gets a little tricky. How you wanna do it is left to you. And this doesn’t give you an excuse to impose on someone else.  This doesn’t give you the right to harm someone else with your so called knowledge. This doesn’t give you the right to accumulate bad karma. This doesn’t give you the right to go about killing huemans cause your God said so.

Our paths are different. I’d rather think the supreme deity permits that. The supreme deity is not constricted to a box or a sphere. There is no box. Neither did the deity create us to be the same. We’re created to be as diverse as nature is, with her ups and downs, her seasonal outbursts. In pondering about her, we have come to a certain point of understanding that there was maker who left his/her signature on us (nature; we are all part of her) and we shouldn’t be full of ourselves and impose whatever truths we have seen on unprepared minds. Like I said earlier, we are all called to separate paths. And sometimes these paths interlock, sometimes we even switch paths. I guess this is why there’s always stories of people converting to other religion. Their minds got bored of their previous belief system and moved on to the higher light.

There are 5 simple rules/guidelines that are required of you if you wanna attend the banquet. As simple as they are, only a few people can truly be admitted as majority fall off at some point in the scale. Remember it’s an open invitation, but a strict admittance. Here are the rules/guidelines:

1)We are called (hue)mans first before we are called religious fanatics:  “This means that I’d respect your humanity along with all of its traits. Good, bad (humans aren’t bad in the conventional sense, a better word would be misguided). The important point here is this: Love all sides to you and strive to be a better hueman.”

2) There should be no fighting over which God is better: “Most of the Gods we’ve got are probably local to a a geographical location or culture. Sometimes they’re an amalgamation of two Gods. Want an example? (Please read it up yourselves.) And they all share similar characteristics with the Gods of other culture. I would like us to read up on comparative mythology where cultures and their belief systems are compared and their similarities are used to create a universal collectivism, this isn’t a bad thing but I’ve also come to that point where I’m seeing the uniqueness of the deities from different culture.

Important point: We all agree that someone created us. There’s always a creator God. So please respect each other’s concept of them.”

3) I will treat the pagan next to me like I wanna be treated: “What is the Golden rule?  Lol,  I guess there are lots of “mineral” rules but the one I’m talking about here is: “Do unto others what you want to be done to you”. So irrespective of what I believe, I will still treat you as an equal.  Irrespective of my social standing or popularity,  I’ll still walk/work with you even if we’re on two different paths of awareness. If I’m supposed to help someone, I won’t make my decision based on his belief system. I’d rather look at him as human first.

Important point: “Let us all be brothers irrespective of where we are at”

4) See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil: “Evil or bad”  is of relative meanings to all of us. The evil I speak of here doesn’t involve an external being trying to kill us. I’m not saying that there aren’t beings of this capabilities.  My point here is that when your inside is guarded, you need not worry about what happens outside. So why worry about the beings outside when you should worry about the one inside? My Mesoamerican ancestors/brothers talk of the struggle between good and evil and they related it to two wolves inside of us. Whichever one gets fed wins.  So fight the evil inside by feeding the good wolf. The question of what is the good wolf could lead us to an endless pool of arguments but here’s a simple answer: “The good wolf is the higher you. The one that connects with all. The one that sees himself as a part of his environment(people,animals etc.)” That wolf leads to the path of endless love.

Important point: Defeat the evil inside so that you don’t add to the one outside.

5) Love is the mantra or Gospel or message: All of pagan religion should preach this. Fuck! We go around brainwashing our followers about how our deities love us and how we love them in return but we don’t make it of importance to talk about loving our neighbors. There’s a shift coming. And places of worship would lose their relevance. All the structures would be destroyed. Persecution would prevail among us all. Because we have refused to listen to the comparative truths in our belief systems,  One out of us would rise up and proclaim that he’s better and throw the world into yet another chaotic darkness. This darkness would be greater than the ones our ancestors experienced… And the survivors would be love practitioners.

Am I trying to scare anyone? No. Your belief system already has elements of that within its core teachings. I’m called to show you a way out. And the way is love. Read up on love. That love that transcends our humanity. Talk/pray to your deities about this. Ask them to teach you about this.  Read up on heroes of love. Yes, we’re humans but we’re also divine. Love gets us there. And perhaps they’ll be hope for us all. I’m also included in this struggle as I know that I cannot be if you don’t be. And you cannot be if I don’t be. We are all connected in this. If one fails,  we all fail. I’ll play my part in this struggle. And you will play your own part.

In conclusion,  love is all that matters. That’s the major ticket into the banquet. Come dine with us. There’s plenty of food to go around. I’m not talking about the physical food. Not the food that satisfies your body. I’m talking about that food that satisfies your soul. And you can only have it through love.

PS: I think this mindset can also be applied to racial issues and other issues that plague mankind.

Peace! Shalom! Namaste! Ase!


3 thoughts on “Come dine with us. 

  1. “Every religion has its own God or Gods and calls non practictioner of their belief system as evil and devilish.”

    Partly true; not entirely…Not ‘every’ religion. Baha’i don’t do this. It goes against the very essence of what it is to BE Baha’i, which almost any Baha’i can tell you, can be summed up in this beloved verse: “In the garden of thine heart, plant naught but the rose of love.” -Baha’u’llah 😀

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