…For They Do Not Know What They’re Doing. 

Orunmila is the God of divination and knowledge in the Yoruba Pantheon.  His pilgrimage on earth kinda fascinates me. Lemme start from the beginning.

In the beginning, Oludumare sent Orunmila to the earth many years before he sent Obatala and Oduduwa. During that time the earth was covered with water. Orunmila spent 400 years on earth without food.  Orunmila opened his mouth once a year and gained nourishment from the air. After 400 years on earth, Orunmila went back to heaven and met with Oludumare. Oludumare then sent Obatala and Oduduwa to the earth.

Orunmila gave Oduduwa the cock which was used to create the earth. After the earth was created, Orunmila returned using the Ewon (chain) to descend from the heavens. The place on earth where the chain fell and Orunmila set foot was Oke Igeti. Orunmila lived in Oke Igeti for many years, however the people of Oke Igeti didn’t appreciate Orunmila’s presence. Orunmila was displeased and prayed for the stunted growth of Oke Igeti, that their compound would always be small. Before Orunmila left, he placed Origi in Oke Igeti.
After Orunmila left there, he went to Oke Ileri.  At this place like the other, the people didn’t pay proper honor to Orunmila. Again Orunmila prayed for the stunted growth of their compound, that it would also remain small. Before Orunmila left he gave the people of Oke Ileri the Orisha Dawo. Next, Orunmila went the compound Ejio. The people in the town also didn’t know how to properly appreciate Orunmila. Orunmila prayed for a limit of 5 years that the Chief could maintain the throne unless the proper sacrifice was made.

After Orunmila left Ejio, he went to Ile Monliki. The people of Ile Monliki honored Orunmila and he gave them Origi. He told the people of this compound that they too would have a stunted growth and that they would have a very small compound. Orunmila left there and traveled to Oketase. When Orunmila arrived at Oketase the people were prepared for his arrival.  They danced, drummed, and sang his praises. Orunmila was happy and made Oketase his home. Orunmila became the leader of Oketase.

This story also reminds me of a story in the Bible. How the disciples were supposed to throw off the dust off their feets if they’re not properly received. Yahshua also says to the pharisees and teachers of the law “I know that you are Abraham’s seed, but you seek to kill Me, because My Word is not given room in you.”

Another story that fits this theme is the story of Obatala. He visits a particular Kingdom and he isn’t treated well there. He’s beaten and thrown to jail and that was the beginning of chaos in that Kingdom. It was until they recognized his origin as an Orisha and paid respect to him, that the chaos stopped and blessing started flowing in again.

Anyway, I am who I am. But I am also a manifestation of love. I leave love and happiness to all beings irrespective of how I’m treated. To the ones who treat me well, there are great rewards. To those that don’t (mainly cause they don’t know what they’re doing) well I leave more love and peace. May all beings be happy.  May all beings be at peace.  May all experience deep joy and happiness.


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