Powerful Beings?

And divinity was in their midst and they recognized him not.

I was thinking about this today and I remembered something I wrote down last year. Here it is:

“We have his essence. We’re powerful beings. We’re time bombs. Volcanoes waiting to erupt, lions waiting to pounce. We are as He is. Such power demands a lot of self control. What we carry is heavy. Our thoughts can expand realities, it can create possibilities from the primordial chaos of life, create life itself…

Self control demands that we don’t detonate on the wrong people, or destroy those with lesser understanding of their powers. We don’t want to get mad at people’s errors cause we can “unknowingly” destroy them. Self control keeps us under pressure, it keeps us in check. It makes us seem less powerful, less intimidating. It makes us hide in the shadows, to appear like we’re not there…

No wonder its the last part of the fruit of the spirit.”


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