What is your mantra?

I’ve been reading up on the Yoruba Pantheon. Digging into our collection of Gods and Goddesses. It seems like we agree with the Egyptians that the sky God (Olorun/Ra) gave his powers to the other Gods. I’ll explain this soon. We think he/she is this all powerful person who isn’t all that concerned about the humans. This isn’t a bad thing as we have come to understand that he didn’t leave us alone. We’ve got the Orishas to help us. That’s the reason we don’t mind his absence. Our take on Olorun  is this, he/she can always intervene into the affairs of men and Orishas, and they all listen. How does all of this relate to the Egyptians jargon of myths? Well,  Isis weakens the Sun God and he retires. He leaves his throne and is replaced by Horus . Anyway he retires and the worship of the other Gods increased. There’s still gonna be a cult of Ra worshipers but we all believe that he’s retired.

Here comes the plot twist, the Hebrews don’t believe that. To them, he’s more concerned about the affairs of men than we can imagine. And yes he’s a he. Not a he/she but a he. What do I think? I think it agrees with something we were taught as Yoruba kids. We were taught that Olorun/Olodumare was he. But as I grow up, I’m seeing the duality of said male and female energies. And I concur with the argument that it can exist in one God. The same way it exists in us. Aren’t we all a combination of these energies? Oh! We are Gods too. Like I was saying before I got distracted by the whole male/female thing. He is interested in the affairs of men. Kinda like Prometheus hun? Anyway, he preserved a seed called the Hebrews. The normal convention when addressing anything Semitic is to say that they’re from the sons of Shem.

My take on this is this: “The ancient paths tell us that the Hebrew nation is comprised of the sons of Noah. Yes the three sons. Not one. Not two. but the three of them.” We’re all included in plan. Everything fits cause he’s paying attention to you. And whether you believe this cause of the presence of the Orishas or by the presence of the “Holy Spirit” or in the deep consciousness that drives the universe, my take is whatever makes you sleep at night, as long you don’t hate the other person for their opinion/faith/believe.

We’re ascending into a different dimension and the truth is there are guides that help us. They are called  “ascended masters or teachers” . We can call them Gods or Orishas. But anyway, there’s always a following of these people/spirits/angels. Anyway, instead of fighting over who is important, Listen to all they were trying to teach you. Love. Peace. Vibrating at a higher level. They were teaching you that your neighbor was you and your neighbor. Humans, plants, animals. Everything you see is a neighbor. And hurting yourself would mean that you were hurting your neighbor. The problem now is there’s a delusion that we’re not hurting ourselves. This delusion goes deeper into another level of reality where we believe that hurting someone else would relieve us of our pain. That self hate is destructive. And we’re calling for a change in that lifestyle/mind set. These Masters are worshiped and you too would become one of them if you love yourself (you and your neighbor). That’s what they were trying to tell us. So rise up from the darkness that belittles your power. Embrace the light consciousness. And love yourself.


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