Meagan Good is Good


I recently got involved in a talk with a couple of friends about the way Meagan dresses – by the way my friends are hard core Christians. They kept talking about how it was inappropriate for her to dress or talk about things the way she does as they felt she wasn’t representing the body of Christ the right way, her husband is a pastor and he should know better. He should caution her about the way she dresses and all that. And they seem to get all of this ideology from the Bible.

My view was different. Does it matter how she dresses? Does it even matter if he husband is a pastor? I know a lot of “hard-core” Christian would say that God clothed us after we sinned but I have this question for them – he is omniscient and all knowing, if he knew that they’d eat of the fruit and become aware of their nakedness, why did he make them naked in the first place?

It seems the idea of nakedness scares a lot of people. Men say that they get tempted cause of the way women dress and all that BS. The truth is that the sexual urge has always been there irrespective of how they dress or not, “blaming” them for the way they dress is a sorry excuse for our incapability to tame our urges. We’re kinda related to dogs in this regard.

Nakedness is something that should be embraced. There are certain cultures that have embraced this and some contemporary groups are springing up in support of this idea but the truth I’ve realized is this: “The body is beautiful.” As long as you know this on a deep and personal level, it doesn’t matter what the next person thinks. I know the part of the scripture that “hard-core Christians” would quote. They’d say that if something causes your brother to sin, you’d better stop it for the sake of your brother. And yes this is true as the basis of this is love. But the conventional behind being propagated by the church and other monotheistic religion is based on what men think and not what the female folks think. Right from the Fall of Man to Mystery Babylon in the Book of Revelations, we find that women are the pain in the ass, at least according to the writers of the books. Only certain women are mentioned and praised which seems a little biased to me. Am I a feminist or an activist for women? I’d rather think that I’m not. I stand for truth and right now I think the women deserve more than they’re being given.

Patriarchal systems weren’t always the norm in the ancient societies. The truth is, the earliest god we knew was our mother. She was our source of life and food and everything we needed to survive. But fast forward to certain parts of the biblical calendar, we find that they were treated lower than men. I personally feel that this biased view got imprinted on the minds of the world’s population because of indoctrination and forced religious battles but hey! You don’t have to believe me. Our women were our leaders and our men were the warriors but that has changed now. The men are the leaders and warriors leaving the women as house wives and sexual objects and hey! Religion supports it lol. Its rather convenient. I’m not against this, I just think our current culture has to find a way to make them leaders again, to remove the stereotype of them being sexual objects and see them as more. Should they be homemakers? Yes. Should you want to fuck your wife? Yes. But should she lead you? Hell yeah! That’s what I’m saying.

To me Meagan is getting to a point of fellowship between God and her husband which is a good place for them, fuck what everyone else thinks and let them focus on their relationship. Do other minister’s wives dress like her? No, they don’t and that’s okay. Do they speak like her? No. And that’s perfectly fine. There’s a uniqueness in every relationship and I personally think that she’s got it with her husband. The church is full of so called righteous critics that don’t add to the spiritual growth of souls. Lose this form of godliness and embrace souls as they are. Isn’t that what Jesus did? He accepted you the way you were. He didn’t judge you based on what you had done or were doing or would do. He just accepted you and asked you to follow two rules: Love God, and love your neighbors.

Meagan is just like everyone else. She doesn’t have to be who you think she’s supposed to be cause she’s a Christian or a minister’s wife. She’ll be herself and might come to the point of love at her own pace. Don’t play the role of God by forcing her to change her. Rather listen to what she’s really saying. There’s a lot of truth that could come from that woman or any woman as long as you’re ready to listen and not look at them at the physical level. AT the end of the day, breasts are just breast and ass is just ass, penis and vagina are just the way they are. Stop trying to be religiously correct.

Meagan Good is good.


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