Ancient souls

I remember trying to adapt to the new world

I had just been born again into this dimension

But something was different

My mind was still as powerful as it was on Lemuria

So I felt this body I was trapped in

What a young vessel full of vigor

I don’t want to wear it out


Ancient souls trapped in young bodies

Trying to figure out why they came back here

Hanging out with humans who are still transcending

Stuck with fools and unlearned people

The fool when he stays silent is considered wise

What happens when the wise stay silent?

We remain silent yet powered

Waiting to pounce on like minds but we stay hungry for eons


The struggle is real

Tapping into the forgotten pool of wisdom

Alienates us from the norm

Branded as mad men, our powers are misunderstood

Hanged as sorcerers and mystics, we suffer “the psychosis”

The one forced upon us by the masses

And the vibes that mess up our DNA are continually financed

The air around us suffocates these superhuman gifts


The owner of the well has a message for us

Listen to the mystic and flow the path

The unlearned would join the train

So in upholding our identity in a masked world

Our hope is in the brotherhood

Stay the course

They are no more questions that we cannot answer

Stand up and fight for the “useless” ones.

Rise with the overflowing consciousness


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