Random Ranting


Maria de Naglowska said:

Ah! If you were able to no longer live in yourself and for yourself if it were possible for you to reunite in your consciousness all of the consciousnesses dispersed throughout the world, if your thought could be the thought of all and your feeling the feeling of all, if all humanity were truly concentrated in you, then, yes, you could have been immortal. But then you would be Life (= God) and you would have acted like It: you would have fought against Satan.

The result of it would then have been what you already know: the fragmentation of the centers of power, the individualization of the stars and of their systems, the differentiation among species and races, the isolation, such as you see it, of the human consciousness. And what you would have divided and multiplied would have received, as you are already aware, the satanic will of the Adversary of God (= Life), which tends to the reunion and reunification of the whole universe in the sole, unique Spirit where all is reduced to Nothingness.


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