When The Kingdom Falls


“What happens when the kingdom falls under the ruler ship of the lazy prince? What happens when the prince decides to forsake him kingdom and go on exile?” Lately this are the questions that I have been asking myself. The custom says that the first born prince is heir to the throne. But what happens when he renounces his birthright? Is he selfish for deciding to go on an adventure instead of ruling?

Monarchy isn’t a bitch. The principle that this concept is based on is usually beneficial for the populace. Of course most people want to be royal but they seem to forget that “uneasy lies the head that wears a crown”. I’m not a pessimist but this article would seem like it is discouraging the idea of people claiming their rights as royalty, especially for some of us that are born into royal homes, or have destinies linked to royalty, it is of importance that we consider some of the above questions before embarking on whatever path we choose in life.

The Kings are the first to suffer when the kingdom is under siege. We’re the ones that all the complaints are forwarded to. It is ironic that during peace seasons, we’re usually praised for the abundance and the prosperity that rocks the land. The idea is simple: “As kings, good or bad comes to us first, before it goes to the populace.”

Is there responsibility in kingship? We all know the answer. Is this responsibility tougher than it looks? Hell yeah. So the prince that runs away from his responsibility does have countless of reasons for doing that. He has seen the ups and the downs of ruling the kingdom and he wants out of it. Of course this attempt at running away from his responsibility is usually frowned upon by the royal house and the general population at large. They’ll view him as lackadaisical and unruly. Most will term him as irresponsible. There are two categories of people who wouldn’t look at him that way. The first group are the one that want to claim the throne for their selves. “Oh! If the prince doesn’t want it, it’ll be easier for us to usurp the kingdom and claim it for ourselves” That’s the bane of their thought process. The other category are the ones that think his exile would bring more gain to the kingdom. They’re not after the throne or the glory of kingship, they’re after the glory of the kingdom. The people in this second category are very few.

As inborn princes and princesses, there is actually a bunch load of guidelines to follow. From our birth till the time we start making decisions for ourselves, there seems to be a guided way of doing things. This is a customary thing to do. They’ll tell us that there’s a specific way that we walk. We aren’t supposed to mix with commoners. We’re not supposed to go to specific places.  Down to the clothes we wear, we are always told what to do. What happens when a prince goes outside that custom? He is seen as odd. Why should he be doing the things that commoners do? Why doesn’t he act like his ancestors before him? He is probably cursed they’ll say…

My stand here is quite simple: I’m not against the rules. I think lot of royal bloodlines should obey the rules. But they’ll always be a select few that don’t want the title or the responsibility of being royalty and there’s a need to understand them, from their point of view: they don’t think they deserve it. “Why am I born special when the next person isn’t? Why do I get all this praises and honor because I was born into this bloodline? This is a very humble approach at life right?” (But most of them aren’t like that. Some glory in their positions and embrace it totally. It is said that these proud bloodlines dominate their people and ruin lives.) Anyways the humble ones resent the attention that earnestly comes to them because of their birthright. They resent that they can’t act normal around everyone. It sucks that they’ll always be called upon because of what they carry. That’s why they go on exile. That’s why they avoid their responsibilities as crown princes and princesses.”

Another thing I have realized is that even on exile, they can’t always hide who they are. They can’t be normal still. They always seem to attract more attention in the wild than they used to when they were in the kingdom.  From nature spirits to gods and goddesses, the list of people seeking their attention is always innumerable, whether it be for some good reason or for some bad reason, they all keep coming to them. So where is their peace? Where can they truly find rest from all that’s attached to their birthright? Thus, they try so hard to hide what’s inside of them because of the way they’ll be treated.

Monarchy isn’t a bitch (the same way karma isn’t), that’s why acceptance is the first part of the process. They have got to accept who they are – who they truly are outside of their bloodline. When this part is truly made visible, they can now decide whether to combine that part of their self with their birthright.  They have got to see that their birthright isn’t a curse (yes some princes think it is), it is a gift. And thus accept that with such power comes such responsibility. At the end of the day, they are who they are, and everyone else is too. So own yourself.

Why all of this blabbering? Well, we all have ideas about how royalty looks like. Such biased opinions limits our understanding of these individuals. They’re humans like us and we should first treat them that way before looking at their titles or positions.

Disclaimer: Sorry for using cuss words. To me they are just sentence enhancers.


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