Employment Opportunities Or Nah?

The kingdom of heaven is likened to this story:

The church puts up an ad across popular media sites. The content goes like this: “The world is changed and things aren’t the way they used to be. We are looking for the forgotten mysteries spoken of in the scriptures. We are in dire need of the gifts spoken ages ago through the mouths of the prophets. We need someone (anybody) that can spur this revival and rekindle the fire that was lost. Please help us find our forgotten pool of wisdom as this would heal the world and save all of mankind. Qualified candidates MUST be comely, fully adorned, sane and powerful.”

Shortly after putting up this ad, an empath disguised as a mad man walks into their courts claiming that he had the recipe for their transformation, but he wasn’t allowed to pass through their gates because he wasn’t what they expected: he was naked, dirty, with matted hair and swollen feet. After beating him severely, they chased him out.

It is written in their books that giving of pearls to the swine was forbidden, but because they kicked him out, he kept his fire from them and went to the slums where only a few could find him and then gave the revival recipe to the “useless ones”.

EHYAH says that “My people have put me in a box and then wonder why they’re limited”


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