A Short Story (Part 2)

And the kingdom of heaven is likened to this story:

A heartbroken king came to a faraway whorehouse and feasted with the backward and perverted. He spent a lot of time speaking with the whores and “worthless” men. While on this “wasteful” escapade, he meets a broken woman and they fell in love. But it was recorded in their books that there should be no intermixing of royalty and commoners. The law makers, friends, and even some residents of the whorehouse could not comprehend why he chose her. He should have picked someone from the royal bloodline.

He had broken their most sacred law. The two lovers knew that their union would be frowned upon but what could they do since their union had being written in the stars. He had to leave and attend to the affairs of his kingdom.

This broken woman anointed his head and feet and kissed him goodbye way before anyone else understood why he had to leave the “messed up pub” and return to the palace. Among the “useless” commoners, nobody knew the times like she did and thus he thanked her for this foresight by letting her see him after his ascension.

EhYah says that there is no class or status amongst his people. He will meet you at your level of consciousness but he rewards those that have the go beyond the limit to see outside the box.


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