Prince and Priest

moses parts the sea

Everyone knows Moses as the Prince of Egypt and Israel’s law giver but most don’t know that he was also a Priest. He had been initiated into the ancient mysteries taught at Memphis like all the Pharaohs before and after him. Fast forward into the future, we see him conversing with the God of his “real” ancestors and like every priest he asked what the name of this God was.

In the school of mysteries knowing the name of a thing gives you power over it. The gods and spirits are invoked by using their names. Most people think that they know the name of the Father of all flesh but he didn’t even give it to Moses. He gave Moses something else. He gave him a breakthrough; something beyond “magick”, sectarianism, culture and religion.  He told him “I exist”. He said go tell the children of Israel that I exist. Until we all come to the understanding of oneness with his existence, we would keep wallowing in the quicksand of ignorance. So EHYAH says that “come to that point of bodily (yes bodily) feeling that you are ‘I am that I am’”.

Most people won’t understand the power of connecting to the existence of Father. When you get to that place of unity, you will be termed crazy like the Hebrew Messiah was. Remember when he said “my Father and I are one” and the Pharisees told him that he was claiming that he was Father?  Their myopic understanding equated this breakthrough as a blasphemous act.

Our reality is messed up and yet we call it normal; Father’s isn’t. Father’s reality is what people call the supernatural, but at the point of realizing that you are one with him, his reality becomes the natural for you.  Oh! My normal is what you all call supernatural (beaming).

To the base, all things are base; to the enlightened, all things are illuminated.


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