Are You Casting Lots?


Some days ago, a friend asked me which side of the war I belonged to. I hope this answers the question:

I see the hidden things
My views extends from the microcosm to the macrocosm
My affinity to sophia attracts all to me
This affiliation to the unknown drives everyone else crazy
(They say) stop messing around and find solid ground
You’ve gotta belong somewhere

I belong to EHYAH’s side
EHYAH is for everyone
I’m tapping into his reality like a tree tapping into the core of the earth
What you see is my trunk reaching the length and breadth of the macrocosm
(But) you haven’t seen where my roots have reached

Seeing all sides makes you friend to all
(But) it is not always a good place to be
It is easy to become dishonest if you haven’t pledged allegiance to THE ONE
(I’ll) bring many into THE ONE and it becomes a monogamy
Different paths into THE ONE, thus uniting their differences
No question of loyalty

Which side do I belong?
Only the highest source knows
The all-encompassing membrane that hold us all together
That ethereal essence that fills all things and is no different from his creation
So which side does He belong to?
If you have figured out where He belongs, then you have figured out where I belong.

(Drops mic)


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