Marriage Announcements!!!


And the kingdom of heaven is likened to this story:

The prince of the land was the most beautiful man in the kingdom. He had passed the age of betrothal and the royal house wanted to pick a bride for him. He told his father that he wasn’t going to marry from the royal house; he wanted a parade of all the eligible women in the kingdom. His bride would be chosen from among them.

News spread across the kingdom and her outskirts and soon the palace was crowded. Every day, beautiful women adorned in the best jewellery and attire flooded the palace but the prince didn’t show up to the courts. It was said that the prince was educated in the mysteries of the stars and had locked himself in a chamber vowing not to come out until the day his bride walked into the palace. Many years passed and more women came from different nations to seek him, but he stayed in his chamber.

One day the sun didn’t rise in the sky. The prince stepped into the courts and scanned the women present. There were lots of beautiful faces, figures and bosoms to choose from. Suddenly, his gaze followed one damsel entering the courts; she had come for a job in the palace. She had no makeup on nor was her gown flamboyant, yet it wasn’t her clothes or her figure that called his attention to her. From across the hall, he could see her aura reach and call out to him. In her eyes, he could see her nakedness. That was the fire that he had seen in the stars; he ran quickly towards her and kissed her. As soon as he had done that, the sun rose and reached its peak. She was chosen as his bride.

EHYAH says that I see all things and I can tell your deepest secrets, yet I see you come before me with beautiful clothes hoping to deceive me. Strip off your garment of falsehood and come before me for healing but you refused. My eye has darted across the heavens and kingdoms and I have selected the downtrodden and helpless ones in your place.


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