My Name is John Doe And I’m An Alcoholic.

wine-meme-350x350The kingdom of heaven is likened to this story:

A dying monarch blessed one of his sons and spoke these words to him: “…your eyes shall be dark from wine and you shall be king”. Generations after this pronouncement was made, a man was born into this bloodline. Oh! What a wine lover he was. Even though it had been written in their books that it wasn’t for kings to take wine, lest he forgets the law and perverts the right of the afflicted yet this man found it easy to drink and dabble in the misery of the drunks.

The lawmakers couldn’t deal with this “messed up” king. He had broken their law and mingled with commoners. His friends were the sinners and the afflicted, the misjudged and the forsaken. They rejected him as king and was exiled; he left gladly. They had forgotten that it was also written in their books that the gentle drunk was coming back as an aggressive warrior; his eyes would still be red but not from wine.  They seemed to have forgotten that he was just fulfilling the monarch’s blessing. In his “drunkenness” he was uplifting the cause of the weak and downtrodden.This begs the question. Were the lawmakers so blind that they were trying to remove the twig in his eyes when they hadn’t removed the log in theirs?

EHYAH says that I hear you giving excuses to reject my messengers, yet the pregnant woman is justified by her protruding belly. If their actions are contradictory to MY REALITY, I’ll deal with them myself. Judge them only when you see things as I do.


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