Subliminal Story

And the kingdom of heaven is likened to this story:

A powerful empath predicts the destruction of a foreign land. He goes up and meets the king of the land and advises them to prepare for war. But the king’s head was in the clouds; you see the king understood the language of the stars and the stars had predicted that it was a period of peace and abundance. Because of the persistence of this empath, the king threw him into a dungeon located in a desert.

Shortly after his imprisonment, the kingdom went under siege and famine plagued the country. There was lack even in the king’s court. But the empath and the other prisoners didn’t suffer from this evil. Day and night, the vultures brought food and fed them. Water came from the ground and there was no lack in the dungeon.

News of this “miracle” slowly spread throughout the country and in no time, everyone desired to visit and stay in the dungeon. The people soon desired to crown this empath as king but he refused and “magically” disappeared. His compensation was that even though a lot of people had to die cause of the dreamy king’s mistake, a remnant had been saved.

EHYAH says that “my people have ignored my warnings and my supposed “slackness” will result into their suffering. But I’m not always a God of destruction, in the most inauspicious places a remnant shall be preserved”.



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