Take Me To A Place Without No Name

Michael Jackson’s A place without no name keeps playing in my head.

I recently went to a place I call “A place called Nowhere”; at least that’s what I’ve been telling my friends. Days before leaving to said place, I’d felt in my consciousness that I’d come back not giving a fuck about a lot of things. I mean, I’ve been called crazy or schizophrenic because of the things I see and say and these comments sometimes got to me. Prrf! I let it get to me because I always listened to people’s opinion of who I was or was supposed to be. Anyway, I returned from “A place called Nowhere” crazier than they’d expected, lol, crazier than I’d expected.


Out of the box
Out of the box = unlimited possibilities.

What have I realised? Not everyone is ready for what I have to say. I’ll still speak the messages I get – you’d never know what the seed of words would do right? – but at the end of the day, there are certain people that fucks should not be given to. We know that the cultural conditioning is strong in our generation such that the people who think outside of the box are termed crazy but that is okay. Since my return, little fucks have been given and I think I’m getting to that point where no fucks would be given at all.

And on that day, no fucks would be given. 


These days, I’ve been trying to speak to people in the language that they understand, and even though I see the folly of where they are at, I’ll still try to make them see and understand the higher light. I do not speak from a place of pride or condescension because I know that I’m not there yet (fully enlightened and there are others at higher planes than where I  am at; I also know and understand how it feels to strongly hold on to core beliefs and ideologies (Yes! The struggle is real bruh!), modern psychologist call it cognitive dissonance, I call us conditioned/brainwashed zombies.

Cause cognitive dissonance is the thriller?

Haha, just kidding, but on a serious note, on this path, you’d have to be called crazy. People have to look at you as an oddity cause you’re different from them, especially when you’re teaching them about the things they do not understand; so instead of worrying about what they think, get your walking shoes on and walk the path. Keep learning new shit and help the selected few that the universe brings your way. Talk about love, peace and helping the earth; talk about Africa (Haha, aren’t we all Africans?) and the Gods, help the brotherhood.

Hell yeaah!!!

I mean fucking walk the path, cause when you are awakened, you should not desire to go back to sleep. You can try to sleep and if you do succeed, well, you’ve lost something that only a few of us have. And the truth is we do need a lot of people with the – wait for it – “awakened love consciousness”. The earth needs more people with this fire; destruction hovers in the air and the love disciples or followers (irrespective of our differences) are going to be the only survivor. Align to the highest calling that can be given to men – be a love practitioner.



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