Nah! He Is Not Mad?

The earnest expectation of the creature waits for the manifestation of the sons of God – Paul

I am at this hospital and this is the first transcript of a video recording of an interesting patient who I’d be meeting soon.

(He is strapped to his bed,  dressed in purple gown and looking gay, his calm face is hidden underneath his unshaven beard and messed up dreads. The doctor is seated close to his bed, her hair is in a ponytail and she has a Samsung tablet in her hands)

Patient X2225: (Seems to be muttering to himself) I don’t see flesh anymore. We are spirit beings trapped in vessels. We are energy beings resonating at his frequency. Explosive beings. This vessel was not designed to trap us but it does.

(Looks up at the doctor, smiles and continues)

Is there any hope that we’ll be free of this burden? Can we really find a way out? There is this struggle inside, we want to be more, we want to achieve more. We hate being limited. We want to be “godlike”. Aren’t you gods? I hope we reach the point where we want out of this place.

Doctor: Interesting, how do you know this to be true? Which of the gods are you? Which of them is trapped inside of you?

Patient X2225: (In a hoarse tone) The truth had been told to me since I was a little kid. We were created for more: More than what we can imagine; more than our bodies can handle; more than this trap can handle.

(His face distorts while he stares at the white ceiling as if some words were written on them and he continues)  

So the struggle inside doesn’t bother me like it does with every one else, because I know that the people here are like me, fitting this calling: the travelers, the strangers. And I am glad that they have reached this realization and feel out-of-place. They cannot figure out why others are comfortable with being less, we wonder why you don’t tap into the well within.

Doctor: (Jots down on her tab) A well inside of me? You’re part of a collective, a cult of some sort that travels?

Patient X2225: I tell  you again and again, the kingdom of heaven lies within. The task to wake others seems heavy, but the truth is until we start getting hungry for knowledge, we’d all groan and moan. “Yah” is calling out his sons and daughters.

Doctor: Who is “Yah”? Tell me about…

(At this point, there was a disturbance in the field and the video stopped, so I will be meeting the doctor tomorrow for the full video)


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