Prodigal Family



Father said:
You’re OYO but,
Embrace the wild
Save your inner child.

Based on logistics,
Ori is the ultimate power
Don’t kill your aura.

Listen to your guides,
Tap into the ancestral DNA
Omoba o gbodo jiya.

Lose your way
Crash into walls
But ranti, ranti pe
Suru is the key.

I said:
Sugbon adura will win,
Raise your voice on my behalf
I’m already far gone but,
Pray for me.

OYO ==> an acronym for “On your own”.
Ori ==> Yoruba word literally “head” or “one’s spiritual intuition and destiny”.  The Yorubas also personify Ori as an Orisha.
Omoba o gbodo jiya ==> “The son of the king shouldn’t suffer”
Ranti, Ranti pe ==> “Remember, Remember that”
Suru ==> Patience
Sugbon adura ==>”But prayer”

I wrote this poem after listening to Pray for me by Dare Art Alade. It reminded me of the prodigal son in the Bible. Smiling — if he came from the Yoruba nation.


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