Shiva and Marijuana


Some days ago, I was on a ride with a friend of mine and the talk led us to discuss Lord Shiva. I was a little stunned when this young kid said that Shiva was the “buzz lord” – relating to marijuana and psychedelics. Of course he had a point but that was all Shiva was to him and I was pretty sure that his age mates reasoned like he did. What stunned me more was that even when I tried to reason it out with him that Lord Shiva was more than that, he held on to the opinion of the “buzz lord”.

If there is an Indian trinity, Lord Shiva is said to be the third person in the trinity. He plays the role of the destroyer and annihilator of evil, but to most people, Shiva is more than that too. To most people, he plays the two roles of Brahma and Vishnu and he is considered as the Supreme Being – boundless and all powerful. This branch of worship is called Shaivism and in the nation of India, there have been (seen and unseen) clashes between the worshippers of the Supreme Shiva and the Supreme Vishnu. Brahma is still worshipped but he is mostly disregarded.

Why is Lord Shiva the buzz lord? Why is he tied to the herb? Well, his worshippers have a day dedicated to him and on this day, it is legal to smoke marijuana across India (its not like the kids don’t smoke it on other days but there is a nationwide permission on “Shivaratri”). The Lord is considered as the bringer of illumination and knowledge, his matted hair representing the sacred Ganges and his calm lotus position is a representation of the calm mystic. All of this attachment to wisdom further plays a role in connecting Lord Shiva to marijuana.

“The herb” as it is popularly called by the Rastafarians is said to bring calmness of mind, wisdom and enlightenment, this group prefers smoking the herb to taking alcohol and they often quote this: “Herb is for the healing of the nation and alcohol is for the destruction”. This healing of the mind is tied to Lord Shiva as his worshippers usually chant “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” which in the exoteric form means “I bow to Shiva” but in the esoteric form is connected to the healing of the chakras and the killing of one’s ego.

The herb is said to bring enlightenment and Lord Shiva being the Supreme Being is tied to the plant. He is the Lord of that “plant of wisdom”. If a comparative mythologist was reading this, he would connect the plant to the Garden of Eden and Shiva would the serpent that deceived Eve. There is more to the story of Eden that we have been let on. But that is a talk for another day. The herb has been said to help people on their spiritual path and opened up new worlds of consciousness to them, this is a fact that many have argued for and against, but one thing I have learnt from many teachers and sages is that you can actually get to the point of enlightenment without using the herb and other psychedelics. And if our excuse for using is that it helps with our depression, there are lots of methods and practices that can be used to rid that sickness. Have you tried meditating and praying? Group therapy? A walk in nature? Talking to an elderly person about it?

In conclusion, if we were to be frank about the use of marijuana, we would positively tie it to beneficial purposes, but humans are addicts and marijuana is become one of the many objects of people’s addiction. Is the excuse that Lord Shiva is the “buzz lord” going to keep you constantly intoxicated and useless to your world? Pardon me if you’re a sadhu, you’re so excused to follow the path of a monk, but if that’s not your path to follow stop using Lord Shiva’s plant as an excuse to be unproductive; it is so “uncool”. Truthfully, I think the benefits of marijuana outweighs the dangers of paranoia, schizophrenia, laziness that most people talk about but for how long would we use it to hide our flaws? How long would Lord Shiva be called the buzz lord and not recognized as the destroyer of ego and master of the universe?


Subliminal Story

And the kingdom of heaven is likened to this story:

A powerful empath predicts the destruction of a foreign land. He goes up and meets the king of the land and advises them to prepare for war. But the king’s head was in the clouds; you see the king understood the language of the stars and the stars had predicted that it was a period of peace and abundance. Because of the persistence of this empath, the king threw him into a dungeon located in a desert.

Shortly after his imprisonment, the kingdom went under siege and famine plagued the country. There was lack even in the king’s court. But the empath and the other prisoners didn’t suffer from this evil. Day and night, the vultures brought food and fed them. Water came from the ground and there was no lack in the dungeon.

News of this “miracle” slowly spread throughout the country and in no time, everyone desired to visit and stay in the dungeon. The people soon desired to crown this empath as king but he refused and “magically” disappeared. His compensation was that even though a lot of people had to die cause of the dreamy king’s mistake, a remnant had been saved.

EHYAH says that “my people have ignored my warnings and my supposed “slackness” will result into their suffering. But I’m not always a God of destruction, in the most inauspicious places a remnant shall be preserved”.


My Name is John Doe And I’m An Alcoholic.

wine-meme-350x350The kingdom of heaven is likened to this story:

A dying monarch blessed one of his sons and spoke these words to him: “…your eyes shall be dark from wine and you shall be king”. Generations after this pronouncement was made, a man was born into this bloodline. Oh! What a wine lover he was. Even though it had been written in their books that it wasn’t for kings to take wine, lest he forgets the law and perverts the right of the afflicted yet this man found it easy to drink and dabble in the misery of the drunks.

The lawmakers couldn’t deal with this “messed up” king. He had broken their law and mingled with commoners. His friends were the sinners and the afflicted, the misjudged and the forsaken. They rejected him as king and was exiled; he left gladly. They had forgotten that it was also written in their books that the gentle drunk was coming back as an aggressive warrior; his eyes would still be red but not from wine.  They seemed to have forgotten that he was just fulfilling the monarch’s blessing. In his “drunkenness” he was uplifting the cause of the weak and downtrodden.This begs the question. Were the lawmakers so blind that they were trying to remove the twig in his eyes when they hadn’t removed the log in theirs?

EHYAH says that I hear you giving excuses to reject my messengers, yet the pregnant woman is justified by her protruding belly. If their actions are contradictory to MY REALITY, I’ll deal with them myself. Judge them only when you see things as I do.

Marriage Announcements!!!


And the kingdom of heaven is likened to this story:

The prince of the land was the most beautiful man in the kingdom. He had passed the age of betrothal and the royal house wanted to pick a bride for him. He told his father that he wasn’t going to marry from the royal house; he wanted a parade of all the eligible women in the kingdom. His bride would be chosen from among them.

News spread across the kingdom and her outskirts and soon the palace was crowded. Every day, beautiful women adorned in the best jewellery and attire flooded the palace but the prince didn’t show up to the courts. It was said that the prince was educated in the mysteries of the stars and had locked himself in a chamber vowing not to come out until the day his bride walked into the palace. Many years passed and more women came from different nations to seek him, but he stayed in his chamber.

One day the sun didn’t rise in the sky. The prince stepped into the courts and scanned the women present. There were lots of beautiful faces, figures and bosoms to choose from. Suddenly, his gaze followed one damsel entering the courts; she had come for a job in the palace. She had no makeup on nor was her gown flamboyant, yet it wasn’t her clothes or her figure that called his attention to her. From across the hall, he could see her aura reach and call out to him. In her eyes, he could see her nakedness. That was the fire that he had seen in the stars; he ran quickly towards her and kissed her. As soon as he had done that, the sun rose and reached its peak. She was chosen as his bride.

EHYAH says that I see all things and I can tell your deepest secrets, yet I see you come before me with beautiful clothes hoping to deceive me. Strip off your garment of falsehood and come before me for healing but you refused. My eye has darted across the heavens and kingdoms and I have selected the downtrodden and helpless ones in your place.

Are You Casting Lots?


Some days ago, a friend asked me which side of the war I belonged to. I hope this answers the question:

I see the hidden things
My views extends from the microcosm to the macrocosm
My affinity to sophia attracts all to me
This affiliation to the unknown drives everyone else crazy
(They say) stop messing around and find solid ground
You’ve gotta belong somewhere

I belong to EHYAH’s side
EHYAH is for everyone
I’m tapping into his reality like a tree tapping into the core of the earth
What you see is my trunk reaching the length and breadth of the macrocosm
(But) you haven’t seen where my roots have reached

Seeing all sides makes you friend to all
(But) it is not always a good place to be
It is easy to become dishonest if you haven’t pledged allegiance to THE ONE
(I’ll) bring many into THE ONE and it becomes a monogamy
Different paths into THE ONE, thus uniting their differences
No question of loyalty

Which side do I belong?
Only the highest source knows
The all-encompassing membrane that hold us all together
That ethereal essence that fills all things and is no different from his creation
So which side does He belong to?
If you have figured out where He belongs, then you have figured out where I belong.

(Drops mic)

Prince and Priest

moses parts the sea

Everyone knows Moses as the Prince of Egypt and Israel’s law giver but most don’t know that he was also a Priest. He had been initiated into the ancient mysteries taught at Memphis like all the Pharaohs before and after him. Fast forward into the future, we see him conversing with the God of his “real” ancestors and like every priest he asked what the name of this God was.

In the school of mysteries knowing the name of a thing gives you power over it. The gods and spirits are invoked by using their names. Most people think that they know the name of the Father of all flesh but he didn’t even give it to Moses. He gave Moses something else. He gave him a breakthrough; something beyond “magick”, sectarianism, culture and religion.  He told him “I exist”. He said go tell the children of Israel that I exist. Until we all come to the understanding of oneness with his existence, we would keep wallowing in the quicksand of ignorance. So EHYAH says that “come to that point of bodily (yes bodily) feeling that you are ‘I am that I am’”.

Most people won’t understand the power of connecting to the existence of Father. When you get to that place of unity, you will be termed crazy like the Hebrew Messiah was. Remember when he said “my Father and I are one” and the Pharisees told him that he was claiming that he was Father?  Their myopic understanding equated this breakthrough as a blasphemous act.

Our reality is messed up and yet we call it normal; Father’s isn’t. Father’s reality is what people call the supernatural, but at the point of realizing that you are one with him, his reality becomes the natural for you.  Oh! My normal is what you all call supernatural (beaming).

To the base, all things are base; to the enlightened, all things are illuminated.

A Short Story (Part 2)

And the kingdom of heaven is likened to this story:

A heartbroken king came to a faraway whorehouse and feasted with the backward and perverted. He spent a lot of time speaking with the whores and “worthless” men. While on this “wasteful” escapade, he meets a broken woman and they fell in love. But it was recorded in their books that there should be no intermixing of royalty and commoners. The law makers, friends, and even some residents of the whorehouse could not comprehend why he chose her. He should have picked someone from the royal bloodline.

He had broken their most sacred law. The two lovers knew that their union would be frowned upon but what could they do since their union had being written in the stars. He had to leave and attend to the affairs of his kingdom.

This broken woman anointed his head and feet and kissed him goodbye way before anyone else understood why he had to leave the “messed up pub” and return to the palace. Among the “useless” commoners, nobody knew the times like she did and thus he thanked her for this foresight by letting her see him after his ascension.

EhYah says that there is no class or status amongst his people. He will meet you at your level of consciousness but he rewards those that have the go beyond the limit to see outside the box.