Powerful Beings?

And divinity was in their midst and they recognized him not. I was thinking about this today and I remembered something I wrote down last year. Here it is: “We have his essence. We’re powerful beings. We’re time bombs. Volcanoes waiting to erupt, lions waiting to pounce. We are as He is. Such power demands […]

Come dine with us. 

To the Christians, every other religious person is a sinner/pagan. To the Muslims, if you don’t worship Allah, you’re a pagan. The Jews say that without worshiping Yahweh you’re damned…. Funny enough, it seems like we are all pagans depending on who is speaking. Lol, it is safe to assume that all my friends (including […]

…For They Do Not Know What They’re Doing. 

Orunmila is the God of divination and knowledge in the Yoruba Pantheon.  His pilgrimage on earth kinda fascinates me. Lemme start from the beginning.  In the beginning, Oludumare sent Orunmila to the earth many years before he sent Obatala and Oduduwa. During that time the earth was covered with water. Orunmila spent 400 years on […]


In the movie Transcendence, Johnny Depp is a scientist who researches the nature of sentience hoping to create a computer with techy singularities or in his words “Transcendence”.  His wife helps him with his work.  Owing to the fear that AI’s might destroy humans, an anti technology terrorist group destroy all the AI labs in […]

Who are you really?

A place is only as good as the people you meet there.  I remember my mama telling me her thoughts about my character. She couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t see the bad in people. It baffled her. Why couldn’t I see people as they really are, conniving muthafuckas. But there I was, I couldn’t […]

What we are for?

The question of our existence would forever plague our minds. For some, it is okay that we have a normal life, get a job/career, find the “Mr./Mrs. Right”, make babies, and the circle starts again. For some of us, we take a different approach to this life. We live for the adventure of each day, […]

Another love post

What happens when the law fails? What happens when those things you’ve been holding on to collapses in front of you? What happens when you lose sight of what’s important? The answer lies within. These questions all point to the same thing: the struggle within. What is my answer to this struggle? My answer is […]