Take Me To A Place Without No Name

Michael Jackson’s A place without no name keeps playing in my head. I recently went to a place I call “A place called Nowhere”; at least that’s what I’ve been telling my friends. Days before leaving to said place, I’d felt in my consciousness that I’d come back not giving a fuck about a lot […]

The International Herb

Some days ago, I was on a ride with a friend of mine and the talk led us to discuss Lord Shiva. I was a little stunned when this young kid said that Shiva was the “buzz lord” – relating to marijuana and psychedelics. Of course he had a point but that was all Shiva […]

Subliminal Story

And the kingdom of heaven is likened to this story: A powerful empath predicts the destruction of a foreign land. He goes up and meets the king of the land and advises them to prepare for war. But the king’s head was in the clouds; you see the king understood the language of the stars […]

Are You Casting Lots?

Some days ago, a friend asked me which side of the war I belonged to. I hope this answers the question: I see the hidden things My views extends from the microcosm to the macrocosm My affinity to sophia attracts all to me This affiliation to the unknown drives everyone else crazy (They say) stop […]

Prince and Priest

Everyone knows Moses as the Prince of Egypt and Israel’s law giver but most don’t know that he was also a Priest. He had been initiated into the ancient mysteries taught at Memphis like all the Pharaohs before and after him. Fast forward into the future, we see him conversing with the God of his […]