Prince and Priest

moses parts the sea

Everyone knows Moses as the Prince of Egypt and Israel’s law giver but most don’t know that he was also a Priest. He had been initiated into the ancient mysteries taught at Memphis like all the Pharaohs before and after him. Fast forward into the future, we see him conversing with the God of his “real” ancestors and like every priest he asked what the name of this God was.

In the school of mysteries knowing the name of a thing gives you power over it. The gods and spirits are invoked by using their names. Most people think that they know the name of the Father of all flesh but he didn’t even give it to Moses. He gave Moses something else. He gave him a breakthrough; something beyond “magick”, sectarianism, culture and religion.  He told him “I exist”. He said go tell the children of Israel that I exist. Until we all come to the understanding of oneness with his existence, we would keep wallowing in the quicksand of ignorance. So EHYAH says that “come to that point of bodily (yes bodily) feeling that you are ‘I am that I am’”.

Most people won’t understand the power of connecting to the existence of Father. When you get to that place of unity, you will be termed crazy like the Hebrew Messiah was. Remember when he said “my Father and I are one” and the Pharisees told him that he was claiming that he was Father?  Their myopic understanding equated this breakthrough as a blasphemous act.

Our reality is messed up and yet we call it normal; Father’s isn’t. Father’s reality is what people call the supernatural, but at the point of realizing that you are one with him, his reality becomes the natural for you.  Oh! My normal is what you all call supernatural (beaming).

To the base, all things are base; to the enlightened, all things are illuminated.


A Short Story (Part 2)

And the kingdom of heaven is likened to this story:

A heartbroken king came to a faraway whorehouse and feasted with the backward and perverted. He spent a lot of time speaking with the whores and “worthless” men. While on this “wasteful” escapade, he meets a broken woman and they fell in love. But it was recorded in their books that there should be no intermixing of royalty and commoners. The law makers, friends, and even some residents of the whorehouse could not comprehend why he chose her. He should have picked someone from the royal bloodline.

He had broken their most sacred law. The two lovers knew that their union would be frowned upon but what could they do since their union had being written in the stars. He had to leave and attend to the affairs of his kingdom.

This broken woman anointed his head and feet and kissed him goodbye way before anyone else understood why he had to leave the “messed up pub” and return to the palace. Among the “useless” commoners, nobody knew the times like she did and thus he thanked her for this foresight by letting her see him after his ascension.

EhYah says that there is no class or status amongst his people. He will meet you at your level of consciousness but he rewards those that have the go beyond the limit to see outside the box.

Employment Opportunities Or Nah?

The kingdom of heaven is likened to this story:

The church puts up an ad across popular media sites. The content goes like this: “The world is changed and things aren’t the way they used to be. We are looking for the forgotten mysteries spoken of in the scriptures. We are in dire need of the gifts spoken ages ago through the mouths of the prophets. We need someone (anybody) that can spur this revival and rekindle the fire that was lost. Please help us find our forgotten pool of wisdom as this would heal the world and save all of mankind. Qualified candidates MUST be comely, fully adorned, sane and powerful.”

Shortly after putting up this ad, an empath disguised as a mad man walks into their courts claiming that he had the recipe for their transformation, but he wasn’t allowed to pass through their gates because he wasn’t what they expected: he was naked, dirty, with matted hair and swollen feet. After beating him severely, they chased him out.

It is written in their books that giving of pearls to the swine was forbidden, but because they kicked him out, he kept his fire from them and went to the slums where only a few could find him and then gave the revival recipe to the “useless ones”.

EHYAH says that “My people have put me in a box and then wonder why they’re limited”

When The Kingdom Falls


“What happens when the kingdom falls under the ruler ship of the lazy prince? What happens when the prince decides to forsake him kingdom and go on exile?” Lately this are the questions that I have been asking myself. The custom says that the first born prince is heir to the throne. But what happens when he renounces his birthright? Is he selfish for deciding to go on an adventure instead of ruling?

Monarchy isn’t a bitch. The principle that this concept is based on is usually beneficial for the populace. Of course most people want to be royal but they seem to forget that “uneasy lies the head that wears a crown”. I’m not a pessimist but this article would seem like it is discouraging the idea of people claiming their rights as royalty, especially for some of us that are born into royal homes, or have destinies linked to royalty, it is of importance that we consider some of the above questions before embarking on whatever path we choose in life.

The Kings are the first to suffer when the kingdom is under siege. We’re the ones that all the complaints are forwarded to. It is ironic that during peace seasons, we’re usually praised for the abundance and the prosperity that rocks the land. The idea is simple: “As kings, good or bad comes to us first, before it goes to the populace.”

Is there responsibility in kingship? We all know the answer. Is this responsibility tougher than it looks? Hell yeah. So the prince that runs away from his responsibility does have countless of reasons for doing that. He has seen the ups and the downs of ruling the kingdom and he wants out of it. Of course this attempt at running away from his responsibility is usually frowned upon by the royal house and the general population at large. They’ll view him as lackadaisical and unruly. Most will term him as irresponsible. There are two categories of people who wouldn’t look at him that way. The first group are the one that want to claim the throne for their selves. “Oh! If the prince doesn’t want it, it’ll be easier for us to usurp the kingdom and claim it for ourselves” That’s the bane of their thought process. The other category are the ones that think his exile would bring more gain to the kingdom. They’re not after the throne or the glory of kingship, they’re after the glory of the kingdom. The people in this second category are very few.

As inborn princes and princesses, there is actually a bunch load of guidelines to follow. From our birth till the time we start making decisions for ourselves, there seems to be a guided way of doing things. This is a customary thing to do. They’ll tell us that there’s a specific way that we walk. We aren’t supposed to mix with commoners. We’re not supposed to go to specific places.  Down to the clothes we wear, we are always told what to do. What happens when a prince goes outside that custom? He is seen as odd. Why should he be doing the things that commoners do? Why doesn’t he act like his ancestors before him? He is probably cursed they’ll say…

My stand here is quite simple: I’m not against the rules. I think lot of royal bloodlines should obey the rules. But they’ll always be a select few that don’t want the title or the responsibility of being royalty and there’s a need to understand them, from their point of view: they don’t think they deserve it. “Why am I born special when the next person isn’t? Why do I get all this praises and honor because I was born into this bloodline? This is a very humble approach at life right?” (But most of them aren’t like that. Some glory in their positions and embrace it totally. It is said that these proud bloodlines dominate their people and ruin lives.) Anyways the humble ones resent the attention that earnestly comes to them because of their birthright. They resent that they can’t act normal around everyone. It sucks that they’ll always be called upon because of what they carry. That’s why they go on exile. That’s why they avoid their responsibilities as crown princes and princesses.”

Another thing I have realized is that even on exile, they can’t always hide who they are. They can’t be normal still. They always seem to attract more attention in the wild than they used to when they were in the kingdom.  From nature spirits to gods and goddesses, the list of people seeking their attention is always innumerable, whether it be for some good reason or for some bad reason, they all keep coming to them. So where is their peace? Where can they truly find rest from all that’s attached to their birthright? Thus, they try so hard to hide what’s inside of them because of the way they’ll be treated.

Monarchy isn’t a bitch (the same way karma isn’t), that’s why acceptance is the first part of the process. They have got to accept who they are – who they truly are outside of their bloodline. When this part is truly made visible, they can now decide whether to combine that part of their self with their birthright.  They have got to see that their birthright isn’t a curse (yes some princes think it is), it is a gift. And thus accept that with such power comes such responsibility. At the end of the day, they are who they are, and everyone else is too. So own yourself.

Why all of this blabbering? Well, we all have ideas about how royalty looks like. Such biased opinions limits our understanding of these individuals. They’re humans like us and we should first treat them that way before looking at their titles or positions.

Disclaimer: Sorry for using cuss words. To me they are just sentence enhancers.

Random Ranting


Maria de Naglowska said:

Ah! If you were able to no longer live in yourself and for yourself if it were possible for you to reunite in your consciousness all of the consciousnesses dispersed throughout the world, if your thought could be the thought of all and your feeling the feeling of all, if all humanity were truly concentrated in you, then, yes, you could have been immortal. But then you would be Life (= God) and you would have acted like It: you would have fought against Satan.

The result of it would then have been what you already know: the fragmentation of the centers of power, the individualization of the stars and of their systems, the differentiation among species and races, the isolation, such as you see it, of the human consciousness. And what you would have divided and multiplied would have received, as you are already aware, the satanic will of the Adversary of God (= Life), which tends to the reunion and reunification of the whole universe in the sole, unique Spirit where all is reduced to Nothingness.

Ancient souls

I remember trying to adapt to the new world

I had just been born again into this dimension

But something was different

My mind was still as powerful as it was on Lemuria

So I felt this body I was trapped in

What a young vessel full of vigor

I don’t want to wear it out


Ancient souls trapped in young bodies

Trying to figure out why they came back here

Hanging out with humans who are still transcending

Stuck with fools and unlearned people

The fool when he stays silent is considered wise

What happens when the wise stay silent?

We remain silent yet powered

Waiting to pounce on like minds but we stay hungry for eons


The struggle is real

Tapping into the forgotten pool of wisdom

Alienates us from the norm

Branded as mad men, our powers are misunderstood

Hanged as sorcerers and mystics, we suffer “the psychosis”

The one forced upon us by the masses

And the vibes that mess up our DNA are continually financed

The air around us suffocates these superhuman gifts


The owner of the well has a message for us

Listen to the mystic and flow the path

The unlearned would join the train

So in upholding our identity in a masked world

Our hope is in the brotherhood

Stay the course

They are no more questions that we cannot answer

Stand up and fight for the “useless” ones.

Rise with the overflowing consciousness

Meagan Good is Good


I recently got involved in a talk with a couple of friends about the way Meagan dresses – by the way my friends are hard core Christians. They kept talking about how it was inappropriate for her to dress or talk about things the way she does as they felt she wasn’t representing the body of Christ the right way, her husband is a pastor and he should know better. He should caution her about the way she dresses and all that. And they seem to get all of this ideology from the Bible.

My view was different. Does it matter how she dresses? Does it even matter if he husband is a pastor? I know a lot of “hard-core” Christian would say that God clothed us after we sinned but I have this question for them – he is omniscient and all knowing, if he knew that they’d eat of the fruit and become aware of their nakedness, why did he make them naked in the first place?

It seems the idea of nakedness scares a lot of people. Men say that they get tempted cause of the way women dress and all that BS. The truth is that the sexual urge has always been there irrespective of how they dress or not, “blaming” them for the way they dress is a sorry excuse for our incapability to tame our urges. We’re kinda related to dogs in this regard.

Nakedness is something that should be embraced. There are certain cultures that have embraced this and some contemporary groups are springing up in support of this idea but the truth I’ve realized is this: “The body is beautiful.” As long as you know this on a deep and personal level, it doesn’t matter what the next person thinks. I know the part of the scripture that “hard-core Christians” would quote. They’d say that if something causes your brother to sin, you’d better stop it for the sake of your brother. And yes this is true as the basis of this is love. But the conventional behind being propagated by the church and other monotheistic religion is based on what men think and not what the female folks think. Right from the Fall of Man to Mystery Babylon in the Book of Revelations, we find that women are the pain in the ass, at least according to the writers of the books. Only certain women are mentioned and praised which seems a little biased to me. Am I a feminist or an activist for women? I’d rather think that I’m not. I stand for truth and right now I think the women deserve more than they’re being given.

Patriarchal systems weren’t always the norm in the ancient societies. The truth is, the earliest god we knew was our mother. She was our source of life and food and everything we needed to survive. But fast forward to certain parts of the biblical calendar, we find that they were treated lower than men. I personally feel that this biased view got imprinted on the minds of the world’s population because of indoctrination and forced religious battles but hey! You don’t have to believe me. Our women were our leaders and our men were the warriors but that has changed now. The men are the leaders and warriors leaving the women as house wives and sexual objects and hey! Religion supports it lol. Its rather convenient. I’m not against this, I just think our current culture has to find a way to make them leaders again, to remove the stereotype of them being sexual objects and see them as more. Should they be homemakers? Yes. Should you want to fuck your wife? Yes. But should she lead you? Hell yeah! That’s what I’m saying.

To me Meagan is getting to a point of fellowship between God and her husband which is a good place for them, fuck what everyone else thinks and let them focus on their relationship. Do other minister’s wives dress like her? No, they don’t and that’s okay. Do they speak like her? No. And that’s perfectly fine. There’s a uniqueness in every relationship and I personally think that she’s got it with her husband. The church is full of so called righteous critics that don’t add to the spiritual growth of souls. Lose this form of godliness and embrace souls as they are. Isn’t that what Jesus did? He accepted you the way you were. He didn’t judge you based on what you had done or were doing or would do. He just accepted you and asked you to follow two rules: Love God, and love your neighbors.

Meagan is just like everyone else. She doesn’t have to be who you think she’s supposed to be cause she’s a Christian or a minister’s wife. She’ll be herself and might come to the point of love at her own pace. Don’t play the role of God by forcing her to change her. Rather listen to what she’s really saying. There’s a lot of truth that could come from that woman or any woman as long as you’re ready to listen and not look at them at the physical level. AT the end of the day, breasts are just breast and ass is just ass, penis and vagina are just the way they are. Stop trying to be religiously correct.

Meagan Good is good.